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May 2019


Final Exams

Main Campus


President's Dessert Reception

8:00 p.m.
Dining Commons
Hyson Campus Center


7:00 p.m.

R.R. Hodges Chapel / Auditorium



10:00 a.m.

R.R. Hodges Chapel / Auditorium


Spring Semester Grades Due

11:55 p.m.

Main Campus

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EventsNew Student Orientation

Fast Pass

If you haven't received your Fast Pass yet, you still have some things to do before you'll be ready for Orientation. A Fast Pass allows you to skip the lines by checking in two hours later than others! Complete the items on this list a full two weeks before the Orientation date you registered for and we'll mail you your Fast Pass.

Note: Many of these items will not be possible until you're accepted. For more information on your admissions status, please contact your admissions counselor.

Fast Pass Checklist

  • You will need to use your login & password that was created when you applied..
    • Note: Your login is the email address used to create your application.
    • If you have questions or difficulty with your login/password contact your admissions counselor.
  • Log into the Fast Pass Checklist at
    • Complete any enrollment forms that contain a red X. (Note that a red X will not change to a green checkmark immediately, so don’t keep filling out forms over and over.)
    • Click on the link “Financial Aid Ready” to complete all of the financial aid tasks listed. (College Credit Plus students can skip this step.) You will need your credentials found on your financial award letter to complete this portion.
If you haven't already signed up for a New Student Orientation, do that now!

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