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EventsNew Student Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions


A Fast Pass is just what it sounds like - an opportunity to skip lines. If students complete all of their required transactions to be "Orientation ready" two weeks before Orientation, they'll receive a digital Fast Pass notification in their email that allows them to take advantage of priority housing and class scheduling opportunities ahead of Orientation. You can get a Fast Pass by completing this list.

Of course! All you have to do is complete your Fast Pass checklist within two weeks before the Orientation you plan to attend. You can contact your admissions counselor to find out what you still need to do to complete this list.

Students who are majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Exercise Science (pre-professional concentration), Integrated Mathematics Education, Mathematics, and Middle Childhood Education (with science teaching concentration).

Students minoring in Computer Science, Mathematics or Physical Science must also take this test. Passing the trigonometry proficiency exam does not grant college credit for this course. Rather, it waives the degree requirement here at MVNU only.

Three documents are linked below and they are critical for you to read and understand prior to beginning the TRIG ALEKS PPL. Please read these before beginning the assessment.

Your academic advisor will let you know if you need to take a Trigonometry class based on the results of your ALEKS PPL assessment.

No. All students and attendees must register for an Orientation session.

Absolutely! Without your tuition deposit, you won't be able to get a class schedule.

If you've decided to change your major before Orientation, call your admissions counselor for instructions. Most likely your major change will require a separate meeting with a faculty member after orientation to work out your new schedule, even if you’ve already earned your Fast Pass.

The ideal freshman class schedule is fairly straightforward. Some majors have less flexibility than others. Be assured that your advisor is creating the most efficient schedule possible to ensure you graduate on time. Too much tinkering with the schedule could be detrimental.

Yes, all new students are required to attend Orientation.

Yes, all CCP students who will be going full-time (12 or more hours per semester) in one or more semesters during the upcoming school year must attend New Student Orientation.

Students will have the opportunity to virtually see examples of the rooms in the residence halls and townhomes and ask any questions in a session following orientation. As campus restrictions are lifted during the summer students and parents are welcome to check out their rooms by making arrangement with the Admissions office.

Our suggestion would be that you call your financial aid advisor immediately. If you're uncertain who that is, call your admissions counselor for clarification.

No, there are other exciting virtual sessions planned for the month of June where you will have the opportunity to engage with other incoming students, as well meet current MVNU students and faculty and staff. In addition, most students will still need to make payment arrangements to MVNU before classes start in the fall. You'll also need to have your high school and college final transcripts sent to MVNU. And don't forget that every new student (including commuters and CCP) needs to participate in New Student Institute on August 28-30.

We need that information before Orientation so that you don't end up being scheduled with classes you've already taken. Be sure you've filled out the Academic Advising Form at least two weeks before the Orientation you've chosen. Plus, filling out that form gets you one step closer to getting a Fast Pass!

(You will need to use your login & password that was created when you applied to access the portal to fill out the academic advising form. Note: Your login is the email address used to create your application. If you have questions or difficulty with your login/password contact your admissions counselor.)

Great question! We like to think of ourselves as partnering with parents in the process of this transition. Remember, your student is not only transitioning to college life, but to adulthood. He/she needs to establish (healthy) independence. However, your support and encouragement in that process is critical for your son or daughter's success. It is helpful to not schedule family events during the first three weeks of school and to encourage your son/daughter to stay on campus so that they can get involved in welcome activities even if he/she is home sick!

Listen to them if they call and are homesick, but encourage them to get involved in activities or talk to their Resident Director, Resident Assistant, Student Mentor, or roommate. We have established a great network of support for your son or daughter on campus, but we cannot do this alone.