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September 2018


Knox County Knockout

9:00 a.m.

Ariel Arena


Bird Closet (Soil Series: A Social Drawing)

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Schnormeier Gallery
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UndergraduateYouth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Do you have a passion for being a positive influence and support system for young people?

The MVNU Youth Ministry program is designed to prepare students to work with the unique population of adolescents. Youth Ministers have the high privilege and important responsibility of serving as mentors, teachers, friends, and support systems to kids in the most formative, and oftentimes most difficult, years of their lives.  We are devoted to helping you develop the skills and ethical framework that is essential to a successful career in this field.

  • Experienced faculty — All our Ministry faculty members have worked extensively in ministry as pastors, youth ministers, and missionaries. Many are still actively serving in ministry roles.
  • Immersive learning — As an MVNU Youth Ministry major, you will get to travel to the National Youth Workers’ Convention, and have opportunities to learn abroad in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece.
  • Practical experience — Ministry internships are an essential aspect of this program. You will serve in an internship capacity with a local church and work side-by-side with current youth ministers to gain the hands-on experience you need to gain for a successful career.
  • Dr. Matthew Price, Professor of Christian Education, Intercultural Studies Program Coordinator
  • Dr. C. Jeanne Serrão, Professor of Biblical Literature
  • Dr. Lincoln Stevens, Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Eric Vail, Associate Professor of Theology, Religion Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Doug VanNest, Professor of Pastoral Practics, Coordinator of Church Ministries and CMP Programs, School Dean
  • Dr. Michael VanZant, Professor of Biblical Literature, Coordinator of Christian Education and Master of Ministry Programs

Check out the catalog for a complete list of the requirements, courses, and objectives for the Youth Ministry program!

The School of Theology and Philosophy offers annual opportunities to travel to countries significant to the Christian faith. Our most recent trips include:
  • 2015 — Turkey and Greece, where students walked in the footsteps of Paul and visited the locations where many of the New Testament and early church events took place.
  • 2016 — Israel and Jordan, where students walked in the footsteps of Jesus and the prophets. They saw for themselves the lands where their favorite Bible stories took place and experienced the culture and history of these important places.
  • 2017 — Germany and Switzerland, where you can walk in the footsteps of the Reformers and see the places where Western tradition was deeply shaped.

In addition to these trips, every Youth Ministry major will attend the annual National Youth Workers Convention at least once. Several thousand youth pastors gather for 3 days of workshops, sessions with renowned speakers, networking opportunities, and exhibitions. The experience provides exposure to top-notch leaders and ministry practitioners and fulfills course requirements.

All MVNU students are also invited to participate in our many other service and learning trips.

There are over 30 endowed scholarships for students in the School of Theology and Philosophy with a call to ministry. In addition, there are other university scholarships available and a Nazarene Ministerial Scholarship Program in which Nazarene ministry students can participate during their four years.

With this degree, you’ll have a wealth of career options — from being a youth pastor in a local church to working with a parachurch organization like the YMCA, community programs with the Salvation Army, or working with at-risk youth. MVNU’s Youth Ministry program will properly prepare you to balance the theological and practical aspects of ministering to adolescents, no matter which route you choose to take your career.

Youth Ministry graduates are working in local church ministries across the nation and internationally.

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MVNU’s Religion program ranked in the top 5% for Best Value by

 “The experiences and relationships that I have made in this program are going to inform how I interact with the world for the rest of my life. I have changed so much in my time at MVNU and I am thankful for all of the professors and peers who chose to pour into my life here. ”

Emily Fintel, '17

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