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December 2018


OMEA District X Honors Band Concert

3:30 p.m.
Chapel Auditorium


7:00 p.m.

R.R. Hodges Chapel Auditorium


Final Exams

7:50 a.m.

Main Campus


Christmas Program

6:00 p.m.



Food for the Hungry Broadcast

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Knox County Memorial Theatre Building,
112 E High Street, Mount Vernon

Final Grades for Fall Semester Due

11:56 p.m.

Main Campus

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academicssummer learn

streamline your summer

MVNU Summer Learn provides competitively priced online summer courses for bright traditional undergraduate students.

This is a great opportunity both for current and future MVNU students to get ahead, save money, and maximize their college investment. By taking general education classes during the summer, students can spend more time focusing on their major classes during the fall and spring semesters. Online classes are convenient and flexible, perfect for students with jobs and other responsibilities during the summer. Additionally, MVNU Summer Learn makes it easy for current students to take summer classes online without the hassle of transferring credits from other institutions.

MVNU Summer Learn is great for:

  • Freshmen who want a head start
  • Athletes who need extra time during busy seasons
  • High achievers who want to graduate early
  • College or high school students who want to save money on general education credits

Summer Learn is a great opportunity for savings. The cost per credit hour is only $200. This is less than half the price of credit hours for fall or spring semester, making these classes an ideal way to earn your degree faster and save money.

Have a busy summer? With our fully online format, you can control your time commitment by selecting six or eight week semester plans. Choose from five different terms:
  • A6 Term: 6 weeks, May 6–June 16 (Deadline to register: April 29)
  • A8 Term: 8 weeks, May 6–June 30 (Deadline to register: April 29)
  • B6 Term: 6 weeks, June 17–August 4 (No online courses week of July 4) (Deadline to register: June 10)
  • B8 Term: 8 weeks, June 17–August 18 (No online courses week of July 4) (Deadline to register: June 10)
  • C6 Term: 6 weeks, July 8–August 18 (Deadline to register: July 1)

Summer Learn Perks

Taking general education courses in the summer can help lighten students' semester courseloads, allow high school students to start earning college credit, and even prepare students to graduate college early.
Summer Learn credits are offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional semester credits, saving students money on their general education requirements.

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