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July 2018


MVNU Summer Quest - Week Three

9:00 a.m. - Noon

Clarence and Jennie Moore Building


MVNU Summer Quest - Week Four

9:00 a.m. - Noon

Clarence and Jennie Moore Building


Alive Festival

Atwood Lake Park, Mineral City, OH. 

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UndergraduateRecreational Ministry

Recreational Ministry

Athletics and recreational activities give us a unique opportunity to meet people where they are. They allow us to be positive influences in people’s lives while interacting with them during activities that they already enjoy.

The MVNU Recreational Ministry program combines the study of Sports Management with Ministry, preparing students for a career that fuses the two. Courses like Sports Information Services will guide you through the issues that are important in running Recreational and Sports businesses, while courses like Church and Family Recreation will help you better understand how to minister to the spiritual needs of those with whom you come into contact.

  • Tailored Curriculum — MVNU’s Recreational Ministry program is intentionally crafted to provide you with the best possible coursework that would be required and useful for a ministry career in Sports and Recreation.
  • Practical experience — As a senior, you will be required to complete a minimum of a two-credit hour practicum; an intensive study that will help you gain hands-on professional experience in the work of Recreational Ministry. Plus, you will be encouraged throughout your time in the program to get involved in other opportunities for relevant experience, such as assisting with intramural sports on campus.
  • Broad applications — This degree crosses a wide range of ministry areas, with employment opportunities including camps, churches, rehabilitation facilities, etc.
  • Dr. Matthew Price, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Intercultural Studies Program Coordinator
  • Dr. C. Jeanne Serrão, Professor of Biblical Literature
  • Dr. Lincoln Stevens, Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Eric Vail, Associate Professor of Theology, Religion Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Doug VanNest, Professor of Pastoral Practics, Coordinator of Church Ministries and CMP Programs, School Dean
  • Dr. Michael VanZant, Professor of Biblical Literature, Coordinator of Christian Education and Master of Ministry Programs

Check out the catalog for a complete list of the requirements, courses, and objectives for the Recreational Ministry program!

The School of Theology and Philosophy offers annual opportunities to travel to countries significant to the Christian faith. Our most recent trips include:

  • 2015—Turkey and Greece, where students walked in the footsteps of Paul and visited the locations where many of the New Testament and early church events took place.
  • 2016—Israel and Jordan, where students walked in the footsteps of Jesus and the prophets. They saw for themselves the lands where their favorite Bible stories took place and experienced the culture and history of these important places.
  • 2017—Germany and Switzerland, where you can walk in the footsteps of the Reformers and see the places where Western tradition was deeply shaped.

All MVNU students are also invited to participate in our many other service and learning trips.

There are over 30 endowed scholarships for students in the School of Theology and Philosophy with a call to ministry. In addition, there are other university scholarships available and a Nazarene Ministerial Scholarship Program in which Nazarene ministry students can participate during their four years.

With this degree, you’ll have a wealth of career options — from work with parachurch organizations like the YMCA and Salvation Army to a career at a youth camp or rehabilitation facility. MVNU’s Recreational Ministry program will properly prepare you to balance the theological and practical aspects of sports, recreation, and other activities, no matter which route you choose to take your career.

“This environment continually pushes and helps me grow into the person God desires me to be.”

Jenesis (Torralba) Clark, '16