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May 2022
Main Campus and Mount Vernon First Church of the Nazarene
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Nease InstituteFAQ

frequently asked questions

The Nease Institute is named in honor of Dr. Stephen Nease, who was the first president of Mount Vernon Nazarene College when it was founded in 1968.

If you apply and are selected, the cost to you for this 7-day bridge program will only be $125. The actual cost per person is over $700; however, generous friends and alumni of MVNU have established an endowed scholarship which offsets a majority of the costs. Included in the summer session are all meals, tuition, the necessary books and supplies, on-campus housing, academic instruction, and peer tutors and mentors. We'll also take care of the costs for transportation, recreation and group outings.

College is a significant investment and commitment not only financially, but also intellectually and emotionally. We want to give you the opportunity to have a STRONG start to your college journey.
Hopefully, yes. Living with a roommate is part of the college experience. Your roommate will also be a participant in the Nease Institute summer bridge program. This may be changed to a single occupancy per room if that is recommended by university, state, or federal guidelines.
In addition to the academic sessions each day, times for studying, recreation, and mentoring are also built into the 7-day schedule. We will enjoy some down time together as well as some fun group activities.
Every activity of the Nease Institute is strategically planned and integral to meeting the objectives of the program. Unless there is a significant obligation or family event you will need to remain on campus and with the other Nease students for the duration of the 7-day program.
We hope to have a closing ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments and remember the highlight of the week. We will provide more details closer to the start of Nease when there is a better sense of COVID-19 physical distancing considerations.
On Saturday, August 13, please arrive any time between 12:30-2 p.m. We will have a short welcome program for parents and students at 2:30 p.m., and then parents will depart.

There is quite a bit that you will want to bring. And keep in mind that whatever you bring can be moved into your freshman dorm room on the last day of the Nease Institute.

All of the mattresses in the dorms on campus are single, extra-long mattresses. You'll want to keep this in mind as you pick out your sheets to bring for your bed. The standard length of mattress pad and fitted sheet just won't fit over the mattress. You will need to bring a mattress pad, sheets, pillow, pillow case, blanket, etc.

Laundromat - Yes! Free! A laundry basket/bag is handy for carrying your laundry, and you'll need detergent and some dryer sheets.

Personal items along with shower gels/soaps and washcloth, towel, blow drier, etc. A caddy will help get this to and from the main bathroom. There is a sink in every dorm room!


  • A laptop or desktop computer will certainly be convenient but is not required as there are computer labs across campus that Nease scholars can use. There are internet connections in the dorm rooms. If the computer is not outfitted with Wi-Fi, bring an Ethernet cord of approximately 6-8 feet. The library computer labs will be available for use during the Nease Institute.
  • Cell phones & smart phones are certainly allowed, but there will be times during the sessions when you will be prohibited from using your phone, (never more than 2 hours). An alarm with battery back-up to help you wake up will be good - most of you probably have this on your phone.
  • • We have found that there is not a lot of time for you to stay in your rooms and watch TV. We certainly don't prohibit televisions in rooms and there is a cable jack provided -- you would need to bring a connecting cable.

You are welcome to bring a vehicle, but it is not necessary. For those with a vehicle, we will set aside some time for you to register your vehicle with MVNU Public Safety. This way, your car is identified as that of an MVNU student and there is one less task to take care of during move-in day.

Money & Food:
Some spending money will probably be wanted for some little things -- snacks, drinks, etc. There is an ATM on campus. We'll also try to take care of your snack attacks by providing some daily snacks. We will be eating our meals in the MVNU cafeteria so there will not be any shortage of food.

Lounge & Refrigerator:
You can bring a refrigerator for your room if you wish. It needs to be regulation sized. You'll learn about this at New Student Orientation in June.

“Because of Nease I feel well prepared for the semester to start and because of Nease I found friends who I hope to keep in my life forever. I am so happy I had the chance to be a part of this program.”

2020 Nease Scholar
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