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Center for Student SuccessCareer Development


Valued Resources for Your Student

We encourage you to explore the resources that are available to your student, and advise them to utilize these to help clarify their career goals, prepare for their field, and conduct an effective job search. To learn about the most relevant resources available from Career Development, please see the selected links below.

The careers that fit you best are those that utilize your strongest preferences and personal drive. Career Development utilizes MyPlan, a complete self-assessment and career exploration system that will clarify your work style, interests, self-reported skills, and values. MyPlan includes a report with occupations based on your assessment results.

If you would like to take the MyPlan career assessment, contact Career Development for an appointment. Once you have completed the assessment, your career advisor will also help you make sense of your results. Additional resources for exploring occupations are listed below. These are best utilized in conjunction with assessments and direct advising.

What can I do with this Major?

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Vocational Bios provides an up-close and personal perspective on occupations you may be aware of in a general way. These articles introduce you to an actual person in the field, to give you a better sense of what a career might be like. To access Vocational Biographies, use the login information below.
Username: mvnaz
Passcode: mvuniv


Occupational Information Videos

Valued Experience

Without field experience, students cannot expect to compete effectively for professional opportunities after graduation. Internships provide practical field experience with real employers, and help prepare students for their profession. They typically last for a semester or a summer. Most students who participate in internships do so during their junior and senior years.

MVNU encourages all students to prepare for and acquire field experience related to their majors and career goals. Career Development is a vital resource for students interested in learning about, preparing for and participating in internship opportunities. While nearly all internships involve some degree of non-relevant or clerical tasks (as do most professional positions), they should also provide students with field-relevant, resume-building experience.

Field Experience for Your Major

Some MVNU majors include field placements (coordinated by faculty) as a required component in the program of study. Other majors may provide academic credit for students who choose to participate in internships on their own. A career advisor can help you get answers about how the process will work for your major, and whether you can take an internship for credit. With or without academic credit, internships provide valuable resume-building experience.

Securing an Internship

Career Development does not "place" students with any employers, but guides them in the process of preparing for, searching, and locating internship opportunities. Students must take initiative and ownership in acquiring an internship, and are hired on by employers based solely on their own merits. Students who are not ready for taking on the responsibility of working as an intern will be advised on how to improve and develop themselves so they will provide a positive experience for employers associated with MVNU.

Students at all levels are encouraged to utilize MVNU CareerNet to browse current opportunities, and apply to appropriate internship positions (approved resumes are required to apply for positions). Internships can also be found through other internet search engines, employer websites, and career fairs. Visit the Job Search Resource page for more information and access to internship postings.

Writing Your Document

All students should utilize accepted models and approaches for creating effective resumes and cover letters. If you have never created a professional-level resume or cover letter, and need help getting started, you can utilize the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide, to create a rough draft prior to meeting with an advisor.

For guidance on developing and enhancing resumes, please review the guidelines found in the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide, and make basic adjustments to your resume prior to your appointment.

Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

If you have a resume or cover letter you wish to have reviewed, please make an appointment via email, and send your resume as an attachment. Please also bring a paper copy of your resume to your appointment. Contact Career Development.

Career Spots Video Resources

MVNU CareerNet is our centralized system for job and internship postings for students and alumni. Users can also upload resumes for review, and when required for the job application process. CareerNet houses hundreds of postings by employers around Central Ohio and beyond. These employers are specifically seeking students and graduates for their openings.

To access MVNU CareerNet go to: and follow the instructions. From there, you can create a profile and begin using the system. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Career Development.

Student Employment

For student employment opportunities on-campus, please click here.

Additional internet resources for job seekers:

  • Ohio Means Jobs – Job listings and resources for job seekers provided by the state of Ohio
  • – An online job search engine that lets you search by key word, location, and other criteria
  • – A site that lists non-profit jobs and internships
  • – Another national job search resource
  • – Job listings for the greater Columbus area

Career Spots Video Resouces

Being prepared to interview at the professional level is paramount to landing a job. The resources below will help guide you in this process, and provide opportunities for practice. You may also schedule a mock interview with a career advisor by contacting Career Development.

Career Spots Video Resources

Interview Stream is a web-based mock interview program to assist you in preparation for upcoming interviews for internships, jobs, or graduate school admission. It is a simple, fun, and effective way to refine and master your interviewing skills.

Who can use it?

This online service is available to any student or alumnus.

Where do I log in?

Interview Stream login:

How much time will I need to use it?

In about 30 minutes you can create an account, complete a general interview and review your responses. Time will vary among users because you have the opportunity to:

  • Re-try your responses
  • Create a custom interview from a detailed menu of questions
  • Pause an interview to be continued at a later time
  • Use other resources on the Dashboard, like tips and webinars

Can I use it more than once?

Absolutely. There are a variety of pre-made interviews to choose from, and you have the ability to review any previous interviews and create new, custom interviews for further practice.

Is this just a practice interview system?

There are many resources available through Interview Stream. Take advantage of them all from the User Dashboard, which includes interview tips and a webinar on strategies and tactics to succeed in the interview process.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Career Development.

Recruiting Events

Mount Vernon Nazarene University participates in annual and bi-annual career fairs, including those listed below. Click the links or contact Career Development for more information.


Ashland University Career Fair

Education Expo (Teacher recruitment fair)

Student Programs

Career Development provides various programs and help sessions related to choosing majors, exploring careers, networking, preparing for career fairs, graduate school, resumes, interviews and job searching. For a current list of calendar items, contact Career Development.


Gary Swisher, Coordinator of Career Development

Gary has a Masters in Counseling and has worked in career development since 1999. He has experience with traditional age college students, adults in transition and students in adult education. Gary advises students in all aspects of career development, and oversees career resources and programs at MVNU.


For appointments and information, contact Career Development:

Thorne Library/LRC, First Floor
740-397-9000, Ext. 4618
Campus map and directions


  1. Encourage your student to visit Career Development
    Many students use their first semester to "settle into" college life, and so the spring semester of the freshman year is the optimal time to start using Career Development resources. Ask your student (in an off-handed way), "Have you visited the career center?" If you hear, "You only go there when you are a senior," then it's time to reassure him/her that meeting with a career advisor can take place at any point—and should take place frequently—throughout a college career.

  2. Encourage extracurricular involvement
    Part of experiencing college life is to be involved and active outside the classroom. Interpersonal and leadership skills—qualities valued by future employers—are often developed in extracurricular activities.

  3. Challenge your student to become "occupationally literate"
    Ask: "Do you have any ideas about what you might want to do when you graduate?" If your student seems unsure, you can talk about personal qualities you see as talents and strengths. You can also recommend they meet with a career advisor, take assessments, and use Career Development resources that help them understand what their occupations of interest entail.

  4. Advise your student to write a resume
    Writing a resume can be a "reality test" and can help a student identify weak areas that require improvement. Suggest that your student utilize the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide.

  5. Emphasize the importance of internships
    The career center will not "place" your child in a job at graduation. Colleges grant degrees, but not job guarantees, so having relevant experience in this competitive job market is critical. Employers are interested in communication, problem-solving, and administrative skills, which can be developed through internships. They look for field experience on a student's resume, and frequently prefer to hire from within their own internship programs.

  6. Teach the value of networking
    Introduce your student to people who have the careers/jobs that are of interest. Suggest your son or daughter contact people in your personal and professional networks for information on summer jobs. Encourage your child to "shadow" someone in the workplace to increase awareness of interesting career fields.

  7. Help the Career Development office
    If your company hires interns, have the internships listed with Career Development. Share leads when possible and try to connect your employer's HR department to MVNU's Career Development staff.

Adapted from Thomas J. Denham. Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

For More Info

740-397-9000, ext. 4618
Thorne Library/LRC, First Floor