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March 2023
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Campus MinistriesM2540

for the least of these

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'" — Matthew 25:40 (M2540)

M2540 is a group that seeks to connect the content of the classroom with real-world need in focused and significant ways. Initiative commitments focus on the areas of education, technology, and compassionate responses to poverty and suffering in our world.

As a campus, we raise awareness and funds for "the least of these" through our passions, talents, and hobbies. These include but are not limited to thrift stores, concerts, soccer tournaments, races, dinners, poetry readings, photography, and traveling to serve. We invite you to join us and invest in the work we do in our town, county and around the world. Give today.


The families of children in poor, rural villages often can't afford to pay the fees to attend school. Education is a key economic, social, and cultural asset for individuals and communities. Through our M2540 partnership with faith-based schools in Belize, you can sponsor a child and make education a reality. With a donation of just $35, you can make it possible for a child to go to school for an entire year.

The country's urban centers have the largest raw numbers of those experiencing food-insecurity, but those in rural communities are most likely to be food insecure. Forty-three percent of America's counties are rural, and nearly two-thirds of those counties have high rates of food insecurity. Knox County, home to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, is one of those counties in which food insecurity is on the rise.

Food insecurity means that at least some household members are uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food due to insufficient resources. MVNU is committed to raising funds to assist Knox County in providing a safety net for those experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Your donation will make an immediate difference in the lives of Knox County residents.

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Mount Vernon Nazarene University seeks to collaborate with local public schools to develop creative means for affecting change in the lives of students identified as at risk of literacy failure and to provide funds for educationally enriching field trips.

As a university, we are called and uniquely positioned to invest our intellectual resources to make a substantive difference in our community while serving some of the most vulnerable citizens: our children at risk of literacy failure. Your support of these efforts will help MVNU bridge the gap for students whose families and educational systems are struggling to provide adequate resources.

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eSwatini  has the most severe national HIV epidemic and the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection and prevalence rate in the world. Due to the current rate of infection the United Nations has stated that if something isn't done NOW to address the pandemic, the Swazi people could be extinct by 2050.

Through M2540: eSwatini, MVNU works directly with our in-country partner, The Luke Commission, to address this crisis through testing, counseling, and treatment. Your $10 donation will purchase an HIV Test Kit, which is the first step toward extending the lives of families, reducing the number of Swazi orphans, and changing the future for an entire country.

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“MVNU gave me the freedom to explore and ask questions, as well as the structure I needed to prepare for the rest of my life.”

Brooklyn Lindsey, '01
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Stephanie Lobdell
Campus Pastor
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