Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing
Federal Disclosure/Student Consumer Information


A. Traditional Undergraduates

B. Non-traditional (GPS) Undergraduates and Graduates

MVNU Contact Persons:

Each person designated may be contacted by students, prospective students or those seeking information related to the information required under the law.

  • Mrs. Kathy Griffith, Director of Institutional Research and Reporting (740.397.9000/4121)
  • Ms. Cheryl Furniss, Coordinator for Graduate and Non-Traditional Records and Registration (740.397.9000/4734)
  • Dr. Lanette Sessink, VP for Student Life (740.397.9000/4601)
  • Mr. Mel Severns, Registrar (740.397.9000/4531)
  • Mr. James Smith, Director of Admissions (740.397.9000/4511)
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