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June 2023
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ADA / Section 504Office of Civil Rights

ADA / Section 504

See complete complaint resolution procedure for ADA / Section 504.

The University prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The policies for students and employees are accessible below. Complaint resolution procedure is available in the link provided above.

Issues that are grievable include, but are not limited to, a denial of a requested accommodation, the inadequacy of an accommodation, the inaccessibility of a program or activity due to disability, or discrimination or harassment based on disability.

For Students:

All students, including those with disabilities, must meet the qualifications and learning outcomes of their courses and program. Accommodations cannot decrease curriculum elements or alter fundamental program requirements and do not guarantee academic success. Reasonable accommodations create equal access and opportunity for success for students with disabilities.

Further information is available on MVNU’s Accessibility Student Policy webpage.

For Employees:

See your respective handbook for policy information.

Contact Us

Christina Jones
Civil Rights Director / Title IX Coordinator / 504 Coordinator

Lakeholm 109
Off Campus: 740-399-8250
On Campus: 740-399-9000, ext. 3250