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Business Data Analytics one of four concentrations added to MVNU’s MBA program

MOUNT VERNON — As businesses increase utilization of data analysis in decision-making processes, Mount Vernon Nazarene University is now offering new concentrations to its Master of Business Administration program that will prepare graduates for specialized expertise including Business Data Analytics.

In addition to Business Data Analytics, new concentrations include Accounting, Marketing and Operations Management. These four specialties were recently approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and are currently available to students in MVNU’s MBA Program.

“There are increasing demands on industry leaders to be able to add value to organizational competencies and culture,” said Eric Stetler, Vice President for and Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. “MVNU feels these additional concentrations will help prepare MBA graduates to be relevant in their field.”

Business Data Analytics

Business analytics deals with the processing and analysis of historical data and trends in business to help companies make better data-driven decisions in the future.

“Simply, it’s a study of data through statistical and operations analysis, the formation of predictive models, applications used for optimizing techniques, etc.,” said Dr. Jim Dalton, GPS Program Coordinator. “The business data analytics concentration teaches students to create and manage Big Data initiatives, as well as associated business processes that facilitate large-scale analytics solutions in organizations.”

Graduates with a business analytics MBA are business leaders who know how to use data analytics software, interpret the results, and apply their findings to the choices they make as business leaders, such as setting pricing strategies or improving the efficiency of their supply chain.

“We are adding an MBA in Business Data Analytics to address the need for highly skilled, ethical leaders in today’s data rich business environment. Having the ability to not only understand and interpret data but also analyze and visualize market realities is a competency that will set our graduates apart as relevant and in demand,” said Stetler.

Operations Management

Operations management is the design and control of business processes — the recurring activities of a firm. Operations spans the entire organization with chief operating officers in charge of research and development, design/engineering, production operations, marketing, sales, support and service.

“This concentration should be of particular interest to people aspiring a career in designing and managing business processes, either directly — vice president of operations or COO — or indirectly such as management consulting,” said Dalton. “The concentration should also be of interest to people who manage interfaces between operations and other business functions such as finance, marketing, managerial accounting and human resources. A working knowledge of operations, which typically employs the greatest number of employees and requires the largest investment in assets, is indispensable for general managers and entrepreneurs.”


The MBA with a concentration in marketing prepares graduates for more than careers in marketing and expands into consulting, entrepreneurial careers and general management. Students learn skills that are adaptive in any field such as mathematics, communications, analytics and management.

“This degree will provide graduates with a solid grasp of business fundamentals, along with specific skills related to marketing,” said Dalton. “With the marketing concentration, graduates will be eligible for high-level positions and be able to affect real accomplishments, such as delivering messages through an all-new channel or re-branding a service.”


MBA programs with a concentration in accounting are not entirely focused on the discipline. Instead, students will take advanced business courses to learn a variety of different skills and concentration courses that pertain specifically to principles that apply to the field. This program will appeal to those with accounting degrees as well as adults switching gears from their undergraduate pursuits.

“This is a professional graduate degree program that offers students the opportunity to learn a high-level business curriculum so that they can become knowledgeable and well-rounded business professionals,” said Dalton. “One possible candidate is a student who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and who wants to expand their knowledge and get more credits so that they can sit for the Certified Public Accountant exam. Another candidate is someone who has a degree in an unrelated area and who would like to switch to accounting without having to complete more undergraduate coursework. Business owners who have little accounting know-how may also want to consider developing their leadership skill and accounting skill by graduating with an MBA.”

Meeting industry, student demand

Expanding the concentration offerings for the MBA program was a strategic move by MVNU to be responsive to the demands of the business world and the career desires of the students. According to ONet, the employer demand for management of financial, management for material resources, negotiation, mathematics and persuasion top the list of critical and distinctive skills for those working in business today. 

“We have heard from our students and industry partnerships that areas such as Accounting, Business Data Analytics, Marketing, and Operations Management are in demand. Then, we looked at student demand data and employment trends and realized these were important additions for our graduate business degree,” said Stetler.

The structure of these concentrations will use an innovative design that allows students to gain new competencies and simulate newly learned skills all in a convenient online environment for anytime, anywhere learning that fits a busy schedule.

“MVNU desires our graduates to have a clear sense of why they do what they do. The desire for our MBA graduates is no different,” said Stetler. “That is why we have intentionally designed a program meant to inspire students to rekindle the curiosity that started them down the path of furthering their education and to fully realize the immense value of a distinctively Christian MBA. With a market relevant concentration, MVNU MBA alumni will present themselves as professionals seeking to advance and grow their careers with the tools they need to make an impact for any organization.”

These new concentrations will be available to students beginning this fall. Current students with interest in these concentrations are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor. The MBA will continue to offer concentrations in Finance, Human Resource Management, Human and Social Services Leadership, Ministry Leadership and Organizational Management.

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Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a private, four-year, intentionally Christian teaching university for traditional age students, graduate students, and working adults. With a 327-acre main campus in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and several convenient Graduate and Professional Studies locations throughout the state, MVNU emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service to community and church. MVNU offers an affordable education to more than 2,200 students from 31 states and 22 countries/U.S. territories.