800 Martinsburg Road.
At some point we have all called it home.

For some of us, we used an atlas to initially find our way. For others, we spoke to a smartphone and an app told us where to turn. For others, it was a familiar drive across town. But no matter how we found our way, the place that began as college became our home.

It was a place that deeply shaped our lives. It was a place filled with people that we will never forget. It was a place that changed us. It invited us to experience the person of Jesus in new and fresh ways. We discovered our identity in Christ and set out to shine His light in our communities in Ohio, around the nation, and in the world.

We all have a different address now, but from wherever you are and however you may find your way back we hope you'll come home to 800 Martinsburg Road.

Our University's journey has been exciting and we would love to have you come back to connect with one another, celebrate the memories, and create a continued partnership with one another and with the University.

Come and see all that has been happening at Mount Vernon Nazarene University! In the midst of new faces, new programs, and new buildings, the Barn still stands and what used to be farmland is still producing students committed to learning and they are grounded in the love of Christ.

Join us for Homecoming 2016 on Nov. 11 and 12 to continue to be a part of a historic journey at 800 Martinsburg Road.