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Online Project Management (BBA)

If you're looking for a career where you can lead others, influence change, and help projects reach the finish line, studying towards an Online Project Management degree can prove to be lucrative. Project managers are critical to businesses as they directly manage productivity and the ability to produce profits. Project managers are known for their talents in setting goals, creating a plan, tracking progress, and keeping their teams motivated. Additionally, project managers are among the highest-paid professionals in the United States with an average annual salary of $116,000.

By studying at MVNU for our bachelor's degree in project management online, students can receive the formal education needed to qualify for this impactful role. The Project Management BBA program is centered on real-world applications, to create confidence upon entering the workforce. Our project management curriculum strives to prepare our students for academic success and a rewarding career. 

Program Details

*Based on students beginning the program with 56 transferable credit hours and only needing the program-specific classes. Time to completion varies based on individual student circumstances and previous college experience.

**30 credit hours of the program must be completed at MVNU. Other restrictions apply. Please contact our Enrollment Team for additional information.


The project management coursework at MVNU is designed to help students increase their leadership and project management abilities. Through these courses students will learn how to propel a company’s competitive advantage and create timely processes to meet and exceed deadlines. Through the online project management degree at MVNU, students can become effective leaders and learn what it takes to meet the real-world demands as a project manager.

Courses span 5 to 8 weeks and can prepare students to:

  • Identify project management opportunities
  • Articulate the value of project management practices
  • Assess and prioritize requirements
  • Design and implement management processes with quality assurance in mind
  • Create flexible projects that account for change and constraints
  • Apply waterfall, agile, predictive, and DevOps frameworks
  • Make critical investment assessments on given projects
  • Effectively communicate with development teams
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MVNU's BBA Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

ACBSP Accredited


Students interested in earning a BBA in Project Management must complete a minimum of


credit hours of general education, all requirements for the major, and 39 upper division credit hours. Many courses fulfill more than one requirement so most majors can be completed within the 120 credit hour minimum.

Students may be able fulfill their general education or elective class requirements by transferring previously earned undergraduate credits or applying Prior Learning credits gained through job or military training. In these cases, students may be able to complete this online degree in project management in as few as 26 months.

BBA in Project Management Core Curriculum Credit Hours
Student Success Strategies 1
Spreadsheets for Leaders 3
Management and Leadership Techniques 3
Microeconomics 3
Macroeconomics 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Business Accounting 3
Business Marketing 3
Business Statistics 3
Business Finance 3
Global Perspectives in Business 3
Business Ethics and Law 3
Managing Human Resources 3
Strategic Planning 3
Operations Management 3
Introduction to Project Management 3
Project Planning 3
Project Execution, Monitoring & Control, Implementation & Closure 3
Advanced Project Management - Practicum 3

*The Bachelor of Business Administration will have select classes taught online by the Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges Consortium (LCMC), taught by industry-leading experts who mostly have ivy league degrees and fortune 500 experience. 

Because many undergraduate business students aim long term to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA), MVNU offers the option of earning dual-graduate credit. As one way to partially complete the degree’s upper division coursework, students meeting certain GPA requirements may take up to six (6) credits of 6000-level business classes.


Building upon 40 credit hours of traditional business coursework, the fifteen (15) credit hours of Project Management Core courses cover manufacturing and service operations, resource allocation, team building, and effective project communications in greater depth:

To provide thorough familiarization with the many theories and techniques of operations management as they apply to accomplish objectives in all types of business operations and many other walks of life, but especially to manufacturing and service operations.

According to a recent study of Human Resource Managers, effective project management is one of the most coveted skills for new hires in the modern economy. This course will introduce you to the power of effective project management through two primary frameworks: waterfall and agile. You will also learn vital project-management concepts that can be applied to a wide range of industries and occupations.

Any successful project starts with a plan. This course provides students with a deep understanding of project planning. Projects are a series of tradeoffs between scope, cost, and time, so you’ll need to learn how to balance them in order to create a plan which is realistic and achievable. You will also learn how to leverage resources, and how to manage risk, quality, and stakeholder expectations to ensure project success.

In today’s fast paced work environment, no project proceeds from beginning to end without
encountering unforeseen challenges, and the changing scope, priorities or context of a project
may require various adjustments. Additionally, project implementation and closure requires
conviction and trust in established processes and personnel. In either context, these are vital
parts of a project’s success and are reflections of how future projects will be managed. This
course covers project execution, monitoring /control, implementation / handover, DevOps, and
project closure. This course is intended to finalize a student’s preparation for their Project
Management Practicum and Internship.

This course is intended as a culmination of a student’s work in the Project Management Major.
Students will work in groups to manage a simulated project from scope to completion -
encountering - and overcoming - challenges and complications along the way. This course will
also provide students with an overview of the product life-cycle, governance, and other topics to
help contextualize project work.


MVNU students pave the way toward a thriving future through a career-minded approach. Taking the lead on a project, effectively managing personnel, and performing risk assessments are several skills that appeal to prospective employers. 


Research from the Project Management Institute indicates employers will need to fill an average of 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027, which is good news for our MVNU graduates. A well-rounded education can pave the way for several leadership roles in varied industries, such as: 

  • Management and professional services
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Information services and publishing
  • Finance and insurance

Some factors that affect earning potential include industry, team size, specialization, and degree or certification. Upon program completion, graduates can help ensure they stand out among fellow job applicants by taking the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exam.


Cost Per Credit Credit Hours Required Total Tuition
$398* 55 $21,857

The total cost to complete the online BBA in Project Management degree does not include the cost of textbooks and other supplies. After being admitted to the program, students must pay the per-credit tuition no later than the first night of each course.


MVNU enforces our commitment to working adults and their continued success with our tuition guarantee. We base all GPS courses on a per-credit, course-by-course rate, instead of a flat per-semester cost, and that amount does not increase during your time at MVNU, provided you remain continually enrolled and make satisfactory academic progress.


Working adults and online students have access to a wealth of financing options to fund their BBA in Project Management degree. To access the full spectrum, students must fill out and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form with their application, and should additionally consider inquiring about tuition reimbursement through their employers. Learn more about financing for undergraduate programs.


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Earn your Bachelors of Business Administration: Project Management Degree completely online. Multiple terms start throughout the year, making your opportunity for education accessible and achievable. Learn more about our online project management degree at MVNU.