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BachelorBusiness Administration

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management strives to transform students into thoughtful, knowledgeable, ethical, and forward-thinking leaders ready to tackle the latest organizational challenge—whether that’s growing a business from the ground up or directing a large, diverse team toward a new goal. With a flexible, 100% online format that’s ideal for working adults seeking to finish their bachelor’s degree or add a new credential, this program builds upon MVNU’s traditional business curriculum and faith-based worldview with advanced coursework focused on team leading, interpersonal relations, and improving organizational efficiency.

Program Details

*Based on students beginning the program with 56 transferable credit hours and only needing the program-specific classes. Time to completion varies based on individual student circumstances and previous college experience.

**30 credit hours of the program must be completed at MVNU. Other restrictions apply. Please contact our Enrollment Team for additional information.

Named one of the Top 3 Best Online Business Programs in 2018 by Affordable Colleges Online, the standalone online BBA curriculum introduces broad business concepts and all of the interconnected, functional roles within an organization. This foundation sets students on a path toward achieving organizational goals, conducting themselves personally and professionally with integrity, and understanding the global issues facing businesses today. In the process, the curriculum focuses on improving students’ research, critical thinking, written, and verbal communication skills, effectively preparing them to lead in corporate, government, non-profit, and ministry environments.

The Management major—one of four possible extended majors for the online BBA degree—elaborates on many of the principles introduced in the traditional business curriculum, with the goal of preparing students for management and leadership positions in the workforce. Along with grounding students in business ethics and best practices, the Management major anticipates the ever-evolving marketplace, covering topics like new venture creation, project management, advanced business law, and operations management. The result delivers a comprehensive view of functional business concepts and organizational behavior that can be applied across small business, entrepreneurial, and corporate settings.

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MVNU's BBA Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

ACBSP Accredited


Students interested in earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management must complete a minimum of


credit hours of general education, all requirements for the major, and 39 upper division credit hours. Many courses fulfill more than one requirement so most majors can be completed within the 120 credit hour minimum.

Students may be able fulfill their general education or elective class requirements by transferring previously earned undergraduate credits or applying Prior Learning credits gained through job or military training. In these cases, students may be able to complete this online degree in management in as few as 21 months.

BBA in Management Core Curriculum Credit Hours
Student Success Strategies 1
Spreadsheets for Leaders 3
Management and Leadership Techniques 3
Microeconomics 3
Macroeconomics 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Business Accounting 3
Business Marketing 3
Business Statistics 3
Business Finance 3
Global Perspectives in Business 3
Business Ethics and Law 3
Managing Human Resources 3
Strategic Planning 3
Organizational Communication 3
New Venture Creation 3
Operations Management 3
Project Management 3
Advanced Business Law 3

All BBA students, regardless of their extended major, must start with Personal Development and Research Skills before progressing through the rest of the list, and should end with Strategic Planning. A 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA must be maintained throughout all BBA in Management Core courses, with no grade lower than “C-” earned. Students who receive a Core course grade lower than “C-” must repeat the class until earning a “C-” or higher.

In line with many professionals’ long-term goals, MVNU offers BBA students the option of earning dual-graduate credit. A way to kickstart a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree while fulfilling the BBA’s upper division coursework requirement, students who have achieved a certain GPA may take up to six (6) 6000-level business credit hours. Find out more about how dual-graduate credit works.


Compounding to the 40 credit hours of traditional business coursework, the Management major adds an additional fifteen (15) credit hours geared toward improving corporate responsibility, interpersonal and departmental communication, and behavioral and ethical issues:

Because leaders need to effectively convey their ideas to their team, this course goes over all organizational communication theories, principles, and practices in regards to networks, effectiveness, and intelligence.

Entrepreneurship runs through the veins of companies large and small. For equipping tomorrow’s leaders with these necessary skills, this course introduces students to related concepts: generating business opportunities, evaluating venture potential, developing new teams and organizations, marketing new efforts, and common strategies for startups, growth, and harvesting.

This course takes a holistic approach to operations management, examining it from the perspective of manufacturing and service operations. Students learn how common theories and techniques apply to a range of business operations and assist with achieving specific objectives.

Beyond theories, project management software plays a key role in streamlining an organization’s operations. Introducing students to this aspect, this course goes over using Microsoft Project for developing, planning, scheduling, charting, and balancing the various workloads involved in completing a project or reaching business objectives.

Several regulations and standards bind and influence business operations. This course goes over the essentials, like the Uniform Commercial Code and other key government laws concerning commercial entities.


This online degree in business management opens the door to multiple career pathways, which, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will remain steady or experience some growth between now and 2028:

  • Management Analysts: Companies need individuals focused on improving organizational efficiency, and that’s one reason this occupation is projected to grow 14%. Professionals in this field currently see a median salary of $83,610.
  • Sales Managers: As the next step up for many seasoned sales professionals, sales managers identify particular targets and guide their teams toward success. Demand is expected to increase by 5%, with the average professional taking in $124,220 per year.
  • Training and Development Managers: Now seeing a median salary of $111,340, these professionals are behind many corporate training programs, from selecting and implementing them across a workforce to tracking their progress and long-term effectiveness. In line with economic growth, businesses will put out 5% more openings for training and development managers over the next decade.
  • Administrative Service Managers: Often seeing a salary around $96,180, these professionals handle all big-picture actions related to organizational support services, selecting, planning, and directing their implementation. Changing small business to corporate needs are fueling its estimated 7% increase.


Cost Per Credit Credit Hours Required Total Tuition
$398* 55 $21,857

Please note that the total cost of tuition does not include costs related to textbooks and other supplies. Upon admittance, students must pay the per-credit tuition amount by the first scheduled night of each course.


MVNU backs our per-credit, course-by-course tuition structure with a tuition guarantee. Assuming you remain continuously enrolled and make steady, satisfactory academic progress, tuition rates do not increase, making a career-enhancing education more affordable, reliable, and accessible for working professionals.


For students interested in pursuing an online BBA in Management, MVNU provides a traditional spectrum of financing options, including loans and grants. To assess their eligibility and explore their options, students are advised to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form with their application. Applicants are also encouraged to discuss tuition reimbursement programs with their current employer. Read more about all financing options for undergraduate students.


Online education puts personal and professional goals within reach, and online learners find the flexibility needed to complete or continue their education with financial aid support to make degrees more affordable. Learn how online degree programs can take your career to the next level with The Ultimate Online College Guide.



If you’ve always seen yourself as a natural leader, MVNU’s online BBA in Management helps you realize your potential and get closer toward your education and career goals. To find out more, fill out a request for information form, or after reviewing all application requirements, begin your online application.