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June 2023
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GPSCriminal Justice

Online Criminal Justice Degree (BA)

The online criminal justice bachelor's degree program at MVNU teaches students job-relevant skills they can take with them to a future career that leaves a lasting impact on communities. Criminal justice majors dive into cases, learn how to uncover clues critical to solving crimes, and attain a well-rounded sense of the justice system. They discover what it takes to uphold the law and gain valuable insights into criminology, victimology, and ethics along the way. Accompanied by supportive faculty, the online classes at MVNU are designed to instruct and guide students through the curriculum in challenging, engaging ways that pique their curiosities and foster critical thought.

At MVNU, we're not just teaching the core concepts of the criminal justice field. Part of our objective is to impact it through research projects and attempt to answer some of the most pressing questions faced by communities today. We recognize that crime not only hurts victims but also society. Our curriculum focuses on restorative justice, emphasizes God’s love for all people, and aims to help students discover a deeper level of care and understanding.

Major specific courses launching in fall 2023
Program Details

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*Based on students beginning the program with 56 transferable credit hours and only needing the program-specific classes. Time to completion varies based on individual student circumstances and previous college experience.

**30 credit hours of the program must be completed at MVNU. Other restrictions apply. Please contact our Enrollment Team for additional information.


Students with two or more years of previous college experience can complete their BA in criminal justice degree in as little as 21 months. Our criminal justice classes are all online and our faculty is easily accessible, providing the flexibility students need to learn just about anywhere. Each of our faculty members has worked or is currently working in the criminal justice field, so they can bring first-hand knowledge and experience to our program.

Our criminal justice online classes help students learn how to:

  • Think critically about international crime and domestic issues
  • Examine crime and terrorism through a homeland security lens
  • Identify major forms of criminal behavior
  • Realize the impact of crime on victims
  • Apply laws and ethics to real-world scenarios
  • Effectively work during times of crisis
  • Gain a better understanding of cultural and human diversity
  • Work ethically in the field


Students interested in earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice must complete a minimum of


credit hours of general education, all requirements for the major, and 39 upper division credit hours. Many courses fulfill more than one requirement so most majors can be completed within the 120 credit hour minimum.

Students may be able fulfill their general education or elective class requirements by transferring previously earned undergraduate credits or applying Prior Learning credits gained through job or military training. In these cases, students may be able to complete this online degree in criminal justice in as few as 21 months.

Criminal Justice, B.A.

Required Courses (43 hours)

Credit Hours
Student Success Strategies 1
Corrections 3
Juvenile Justice 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Leadership 3
Ethics and Law 3
Introduction to Justice Systems 3
Introduction to Public Administration 3
Policing 3
Restorative Justice 3
Victimology 3
Management and Leadership Techniques 3
Courts and Judicial Process 3
Criminal Investigation 3
Terrorism and Homeland Security 3

Careers in Criminal Justice

A criminal justice degree can be a gateway for students who plan on starting careers directly out of school and serve as a stepping stone for graduate work necessary for career advancement. As a multidisciplinary field, a criminal justice degree can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers in public and private sectors, and each one works cohesively with the next to achieve a common goal. With this degree, students can pursue careers in:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Private and Criminal Investigation
  • Federal or Local Corrections
  • Juvenile Probation
  • Crime Analysis
  • Restorative Justice
  • Mediation


Career growth in this field varies based on specialty. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, protective service personnel have the potential to earn an annual salary of up to $94,020. By the year 2029, employment for police officers, corrections officers, detectives, and other careers is expected to change at varying rates. The variance in growth rates means MVNU graduates have numerous opportunities to take advantage of in-demand occupations.


Cost Per Credit Credit Hours Required Total Tuition
$398* 43 $16,981

Please Note: Course-by-course payment is due no later than the first night of each course. Fees and textbook expenses are not included in the total program cost.


Once a student enrolls in the Online MA in Criminal Justice, their tuition is locked in for the duration of their enrollment—that’s our tuition guarantee. Course-by-course payments are due by or before the first evening the class is held.


We're dedicated to helping students find ways to make their educational experiences rewarding and affordable. Students are encouraged to explore federal and state aid programs, scholarships, and other avenues for funding. As experts in the field, our financial aid advisors are ready to help you get started. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

All applicants are urged to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. MVNU’s school code is 007085.


Online education puts personal and professional goals within reach, and online learners find the flexibility needed to complete or continue their education with financial aid support to make degrees more affordable. Learn how online degree programs can take your career to the next level with The Ultimate Online College Guide.


Enroll in Our Online Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Program

Learn the skills that will prepare you to serve and protect communities. Earning your bachelor's degree in criminal justice online at MVNU can open the door to rewarding career possibilities that put you in a position to work for the greater good. Request more information about our online criminal justice bachelor's degree today.