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What Can You Do With an Organizational Management Degree?

Businesses across industries must operate at maximum efficiency to stay competitive in a global marketplace. This reality increases the need for jobs in organizational leadership and management. These professionals help leaders enhance employee productivity, job satisfaction, and the overall bottom line. An advanced degree can prepare you for leadership positions that allow you to play a pivotal role in supporting your organization.

Why Pursue a Career in Organizational Leadership?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for training and development managers is expected to rise 11% from 2020 to 2030 — a rate faster than the average for all occupations. Researchers also believe approximately 4,300 openings for these positions will be available each year during this same timeframe, making an organizational leadership degree a worthwhile choice for driven professionals. 

The step towards more technology-based training methods is a primary reason researchers project this influx in jobs. Businesses continue to implement mobile learning, social media, and visual simulations into their training programs, increasing the need for adequate development managers. Additionally, training managers can best create training systems with existing resources, helping companies save money on programs. 

Industries with Numerous Leadership Careers 

Nearly every industry, from the education department to software development, requires the skills of organizational managers. Academia, non-profits, and the public and private sectors seek qualified candidates with an organizational leadership degree since they can serve the needs of many organizations. 

Overall, businesses aim to hire applicants with good communication skills, a mind for efficiency, and a motivational spirit. Industries commonly seeking leaders and managers with these abilities include: 

  • Government agencies
  • Business consulting firms
  • Finance and insurance companies
  • Retailers 
  • Marketing firms 
  • Technology companies
  • Healthcare service providers

Specific Leadership and Management Job Opportunities 

Pursuing an MBA in Organizational Management is beneficial even if you do not have a set career path in mind because it can pave the way for a broad range of rewarding positions. Some of the leadership career opportunities in organizational management include: 

Human Resources Manager 

Median Salary: $121,220

Human resources managers develop and supervise the administrative aspects of a business. They connect leadership and management teams with employees to improve internal operations. HR managers also facilitate the hiring process of new staff and optimize the company’s talent to ensure all employees are satisfied. They also complete employee performance reviews and discuss strategic planning with the company’s executives. 


Training and Development Manager 

Median Salary: $115,640

Training and development managers oversee the internal workings of a business. These professionals usually focus on serving one area within an organization instead of the company as a whole. They provide employees with the information they need to thrive through onboarding processes and budget programs. They also create training programs that align with the strategic objectives of the company.


Sales Manager 

Median Salary: $132,290

Sales managers direct the selling of goods and services for a company. They recruit new sales representatives, monitor consumer trends, and determine the profitability of products. They also help their brand expand its reach and grow to meet the needs of current and future customers. Job openings for sales managers tend to be ubiquitous because a vast number of industries require them to thrive.


Compensation and Benefits Manager 

Median Salary: $125,130

Benefits managers formulate pay and benefits programs that reflect the organization’s goals and are competitive in the industry. They devote time and effort to ensure employees receive the proper compensation and executives keep the best talent. They also facilitate partnerships with insurance brokers and investment managers to ensure the company can continue providing exceptional benefits packages.


Insurance Underwriter 

Median Salary: $71,790 

An insurance underwriter assesses potential clients to determine whether or not the firm should offer coverage. When they decide the insurance company should provide coverage, underwriters develop a policy that matches the level of risk posed by the applicant. They may also use software to help weigh the risks and costs of protecting the client. 


Industrial Production Manager 

Median Salary: $108,790

Often referred to as plant managers, industrial production managers supervise the everyday operations of manufacturing sites. They conduct quality control initiatives and streamline production processes to ensure the company efficiently delivers high-quality items. This role also requires frequent communication with other managers, such as the head of the procurement department and sales department. 


Management Analyst 

Median Salary: $87,660

Management analysts consult with companies to help increase profits, enhance employee productivity, and improve overall efficiency. They gather pertinent data about the company and suggest or design solutions to fix any operational issues. This position requires strong communication skills to effectively present findings and offer sound recommendations to the organization’s executive team. 

Pursue an MBA in Organizational Management with MVNU 

The job opportunities for those who study organizational leadership are vast and growing. While a bachelor’s degree leads to numerous career paths, a master’s degree in organizational leadership may significantly expand your prospects and bring you closer to your career goals.

At MVNU, we offer an MBA in Organizational Management that prepares students for a variety of leadership careers. The well-rounded curriculum helps students strengthen their skills in human resources, operations, and change management, and much more. Contact us today to discover more about this degree program and how you can enroll.

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