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View Your Potential Earnings with a MBA in HR Management

Are you an HR professional looking to take your career to the next level? If you've been working for a few years as an HR generalist and have some solid experience under your belt, it may be time to seek your first supervisory or management role. Perhaps you've already evaluated your options at your current company and know that, despite some likely internal competition, upcoming vacancies can present growth opportunities. While your fundamental HR knowledge has gotten you to this point, employers may be looking for an advanced skill set that is typically accompanied by an MBA in HR management degree. No matter the reason for pursuing an HR masters, one evident benefit is the increased pay potential. Here’s how an MBA in HR management can help you confidently showcase your resume and land the position you desire.

The Growing Demand for HR Managers

According to the Ohio Michigan Labor Market Information, the demand for human resource managers in Ohio is projected to grow 8.1 percent through 2026 — which is much faster than average compared to other occupations. The growth of human resource management positions is not just limited to Ohio. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national demand for human resources managers is expected to grow 6 percent through 2029.

If you think about it, the strong demand for human resources managers makes sense. Each year, people start hundreds of thousands of new businesses. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, new business applications have hit record highs. Entrepreneurs need experienced leaders to help them recruit, attract, and retain talented workers. As older HR managers retire, mature companies also need new leaders to manage their human resources functions.

How Much Money Do Human Resource Managers Earn?

The national median salary for human resources managers in 2019 was a hefty $116,720 per year!

A human resources manager's salary will vary based on several factors, including the:

  • A company's size, industry, and profitability

  • Scope of the job responsibilities

  • The employee's professional background, including work history, education, and performance

Management positions such as HR Managers or Employee Relations Managers are also stepping stones for senior and executive management positions, which pay even more. For example, according to the latest annual report from Ohio-headquartered retailer Big Lots, their Executive Vice President for Human Resource makes a whopping $513,600 a year (2019), with attractive incentives that add more to their annual salary!

How to Qualify for a Management Position in HR

Landing a management position at a large, well-respected firm is a challenge. Hiring managers will scrutinize your professional background and accomplishments, as they will likely receive dozens if not hundreds of resumes for open positions paying over $100,000.

Firms usually hire HR managers with at least five years' worth of related experience, as well as a bachelor's degree. But these are just the minimal requirements. Many HR professionals who land management promotions have seven to ten years' worth of experience or more. They've pursued continuing education in conflict management, employment law, and negotiation to be successful. They've also earned recognized certifications from related professional associations to strengthen their skills and resumes.

An MBA provides professionals with a solid grounding in all aspects of the business from marketing to accounting. Understanding how the entire organization works can give you the strategic perspective necessary to become an effective manager. Hiring managers know this, which is why an MBA is often a requirement for many management positions.

Our Online MBA in HR Management Can Help Advance Your Career

Our MBA in HR Management program at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) can help deepen your business knowledge and sharpen your problem-solving and analytical skills. Grounded in MVNU's mission to cultivate lifelong learning and service, our program will prepare you to make sound and ethical decisions under pressure. We'll teach you how to develop people-centered solutions to business problems that can help your firm successfully navigate internal and external demands. 

You can earn your MBA in 19 months at MVNU, though we also have a fast-track option that allows you to complete your degree in as little as 11 months. Our standard course requirements will give you a firm grounding in all aspects of business operations. You'll also take human resources courses that will prepare you to plan and implement ethical HR solutions at your firm.

Our 36-credit hour program is not only flexible enough to be completed around your schedule, but it's affordable as well. We believe that a graduate business education should be accessible to all those looking to advance their careers and have set our tuition rates accordingly. You'll pay nearly 20 percent less per credit hour than comparable programs. Financial aid is also available to students who qualify. For more information about how to apply to MVNU's online MBA in HR Management program, contact us today.

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