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These 5 Business Careers in Ohio are Rapidly Growing

Business careers in Ohio are booming and for a good reason. Those who hold a business degree can enjoy pursuing a variety of career opportunities. Whether it's serving the private or public sector in marketing, finance, economics, technology, or healthcare, business professionals are heavily relied upon to help an organization achieve its goals. In fact, in Ohio alone, business and financial occupations are expected to soar to 303,006 new openings through 2026. With this growing demand, business professionals are amongst the top paid in the world. Along with the potential for an increased salary, they can enjoy perks such as career flexibility and even self-employment. Here are some of the fastest-growing business careers in Ohio:

  1. Financial Managers

Financial managers play an essential role in business operations. They monitor the business's financial health and help advise senior managers on how to maximize profits. This includes preparing business activity reports, forecasting, and careful preparation of financial statements. 

           Ohio Change in Employment Projection 2016 - 2026: 16.8% growth

           Minimum education required: Bachelor's Degree

           Median Wage: $55.81/ hr

           Recommended Business Degree: BBA in Finance or MBA in Finance

  1. Human Resource Managers

Human resource managers are responsible for recruiting the organization's top talent. They act as problem solvers and handle sensitive business issues that can arise, such as workplace misconduct and equal employment opportunity. Human resource managers closely coordinate with top executives for strategic planning and help ensure the company values and mission are upheld. 

           Ohio Change in Employment Projection 2016 - 2026: 8.1% growth

           Minimum education required: Bachelor's Degree

           Median Wage: $50.18/ hr

           Recommended Business Degree: BBA in Human Resource Management or MBA in Human Resource Management 

  1. Marketing Managers

Marketing managers help promote and position a company's products or services. They are relied upon to create messaging that resonates with consumers, increases sales, and accurately reflects the company's branding across marketing channels. Often, marketing managers are seen as the source for identifying emerging trends and help businesses remain competitive in their respective markets. Their ability to adapt and translate the company value to the masses makes them an important role in the organizational structure. 

           Ohio Change in Employment Projection 2016 - 2026: 7.8% growth

           Minimum education required: Bachelor's Degree

           Median Wage: $57.03/ hr

           Recommended Business Degree: BBA in Marketing or MBA in Marketing 

  1. Logisticians

Logisticians analyze and coordinate a company's supply chain. The supply chain is a system whereby a product moves from the supplier to the customer. A logistician's duties include managing a product's life cycle, developing business relationships with clients and suppliers, and directly allocating supplies, materials, and products.

           Ohio Change in Employment Projection 2016 - 2026: 5.6% growth

           Minimum education required: Bachelor's Degree

           Median Wage: $35.46/ hr

           Recommended Business Degree: MBA in Logistics Management 

  1. General and Operations Managers

General and operations managers are responsible for the planning, directing, and coordinating of business activity in the private or public sectors. They help formulate policy and work closely with human resource departments. As new startups form, there will be an increased number of operation managers needed.  

           Ohio Change in Employment Projection 2016 - 2026: 5.5% growth

           Minimum education required: Bachelor's Degree

           Median Wage: $44.77/ hr

           Recommended Business Degree: BBA in Management or MBA in Organizational Management

Take Advantage of the Growing Business Market. Study for a Business Degree at MVNU. 

As the opportunities for business careers increase, there is a growing emphasis on attaining qualifiable skills through a business graduate or undergraduate program. At Mount Vernon University, we offer an array of business programs in a fully online format. Your path to education has never been more accessible. Learn the fundamentals needed to maximize your career advancement in business. Discover your opportunities at MVNU, request information to learn more details about our programs.

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