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Planned GivingImpact the future

Planned Giving

Charitable giving not only provides funds that assist the University now, but planning your gift extends your generosity into the future.

Thoughtful consideration about your estate and philanthropic goals allows for protection of assets, provisions for family, and potential income for you. With thoughtful consideration, you can make decisions now that will impact generations of MVNU students in the future.

Planned Giving Opportunities

A bequest in a will can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or for all or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family.

Your attorney will help you determine if leaving a bequest to MVNU warrants signing a new will or trust, adding a codicil to an existing will, or making an amendment to your present trust instrument.

Language that may be used in a bequest can be viewed here.

Gift Annuity

  • With a contributed asset, this option gives you and/or another beneficiary a set income for life

Charitable Trusts

  • A trust that pays an income to you and those you name before MVNU receives the remainder
For more information, please contact the development team at 1-800-367-9294, option 2 or Justin Nowicki.

There are many different types of plans you may want to consider in your estate planning. Each presents different tax benefits, benefits to your heirs, and ways in which you may generously support MVNU. Some options are listed below. Your attorney and tax advisor will help you determine if one of these is best for you, or if it will benefit you to move in a different direction.

  • Gift of Real Estate – A donation of real property
  • Living Trust – A trust you establish to take effect during your lifetime
  • Donor Advised Fund – Allows you to specify where and when distributions are made
  • Life Insurance Gift – This may be an old or new policy with MVNU named as beneficiary and owner
  • Retirement Plan Gift – Preserves plan’s value and allows you to leave heirs less costly bequests
Contact your attorney and tax advisor for further details about each plan and other options available to you

For more info

Development Office
1-800-367-9294, option 2