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July 2018


MVNU Summer Quest - Week Three

9:00 a.m. - Noon

Clarence and Jennie Moore Building


MVNU Summer Quest - Week Four

9:00 a.m. - Noon

Clarence and Jennie Moore Building


Alive Festival

Atwood Lake Park, Mineral City, OH. 

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Facts and FiguresInstitutional Effectiveness Office

Institutional Effectiveness

The Institutional Effectiveness Office, reporting to and operating under the Vice President for Academic Affairs, serves the University through performing activities related to assessment, planning, reporting and testing.

  • Consult with academic departments and institutional units to identify desired unit outcomes, to assist in identifying appropriate evaluation methodologies, and to assist those units with developing and implementing improvement plans;
  • Provide guides and guidance in developing unit assessment plans;
  • Conduct workshops and other training programs to enable university personnel to conduct performance evaluations germane to the unit's responsibilities;
  • Conduct basic research related to student learning outcomes and administrative/support services;
  • Survey key constituencies on their levels of satisfactions with university programs, services, and initiatives;
  • Summarize research results and report key findings to units and key constituencies;
  • Assist the units to extract meaning from the research and survey assessments;
  • Provide counsel and consultation to the units on how to make data-driven decisions related to corrective, improvement or intervention efforts;
  • Monitor regulatory compliance related to academic records; and
  • Report to governmental departments and regional accreditation agencies.

Dr. Brenita Nicholas
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
740.397.9000 ext. 4124

Mrs. Kathy L. Griffith
Director of University Assessment
740.397.9000 ext. 4121

Dr. Randie L. Timpe
Assistant to the President for Effectiveness and Planning
Director of Institutional Research and Accountability
740.397.9000 ext. 4122

Mrs. Robin DePolo
Institutional Research Assistant and Grant Assistant
740.397.9000 ext. 4120

Ms. Laurie Garcia
Assessment Data Analyst
740.397.9000 ext. 4123