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June 2023
12:30 p.m.
The Westin, 241 Washinton St., Indianapolis
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church relationsFrequently Asked Questions


The Church Leadership Resource Network is a partnership venture of the Church Relations Office at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the districts of the East Central Region Church of the Nazarene, the MVNU School of Christian Ministry, and the Church of the Nazarene, International Headquarters. Annually the network provides and promotes a number of events sponsored denominationally, by local churches and districts, by MVNU, and by sister organizations, each designed to provide training and continuing education for pastors, staff, and lay leaders. Most network events offer continuing education credit (CEUs).

The Church Leadership Continuing Education office plans 8-10 events per year designed to provide forthe continuing education needs of pastors. Each year, there are four Institute for Missional Engagement seminars, focusing on current topics in Leadership, Evangelism, Administration, and Preaching/Worship. These seminars are also great for pastoral staff and lay leaders. There are also several workshops planned every year for resourcing in specific areas, such as youth ministry, children's ministry, church finance, and women in ministry. These are also open to pastors, staff, and laity.

The cost for general Institute for Missional Engagement seminars is $49 per person, or $45 for two or more from the same church. This cost includes materials, lunch and snacks. Costs for the specialized seminars (youth, children, finance) vary by individual event.

Every 5th Seminar is Free

For those pastors who pay full price to attend four church leadership events, the fifth one will be free. Free seminars are non-transferable. Seminars that count toward the free one accumulate and do not require that you attend four seminars in a row. If free seminar is more than $49, a $49 credit will be issued.

Nazarene Evangelist

Evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene can attend all Institute for Missional Engagement seminars for $20 each.

Student Rate

Any current MVNU student receives the rate of $20 each.

Need-Based Scholarship

Need-based scholarships are available for all pastors. Please call the Church Relations Office at 1-888-470-0050 for information.

To register for a Church Relations event call us at 1-888-470-0050.
Each seminar has a registration deadline that allows us to appropriately plan for lunch, snacks, and printed materials. If you decide you would like to attend after the deadline, please call us to see if we can still add you to the list; in many cases we can. If your decision to attend emerges the day of the event, you may attempt to register at the door, but we cannot guarantee a place for you, since our seminar room has a limited capacity and additional meals cannot be added at the door. If we can accommodate you in the seminar, we will also offer you a pass to the student dining.
If you call us at 1-888-470-0050 to cancel before the registration deadline has passed, there is no charge to you; your check or credit card charge will be refunded. Should your cancellation come between the registration deadline and the day prior to the event, a $15 charge will be incurred to cover the cost of the meal already confirmed and the printed materials. Should you cancel the day of the event or not show up for the seminar, the seminar fee cannot be refunded.
For registration information, call 1-888-470-0050. For other needs, you may email us at
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