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Career Development CenterGPS

Career Development Services for Working Adult Students

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s Career Development Center provides job search and career transition guidance geared toward the needs of our working adult students. Our center’s services and resources factor in the various interests of those wanting to start, change, or advance their career. Through online and in-person appointments:

  • Get your strengths and aptitudes assessed
  • Explore different career paths related to your field of study
  • Discuss how your previous education and work experience can help you reach your career goals
  • Work with seasoned career guidance professionals for overhauling your resume and targeting your job search
  • Browse a range of employment postings.

Begin with the links below to locate the information you need.

The Benefits of Career Development Services for Working Adult Students

Traditionally, colleges and universities have geared their career and professional development centers toward full-time on-campus students. These individuals, while driven, don’t always have a clear end goal in mind and utilize these centers to explore their options, access resume help and job interview prep, and don’t usually have a significant amount of work experience under their belt. At the same time, many haven’t started families and, due to multiple generations attending college, can already tap into a robust social network for professional advancement.

As colleges’ student populations become more diverse, with more working adults returning to earn or finish a degree, career development services have evolved. Although the core group of offerings remain, advisors are starting to realize that working adult students bring with them a range of experiences — many of which prove to be valuable in their future job searchers — but face different obstacles. Many work full-time to support a family while attending online classes part time. Others are the first in their families to pursue a bachelor’s degree, or they are looking to enter an industry in which they have few professional contacts. Certain working adult students may already have a bachelor’s and want to boost their existing opportunities with a master’s.

With these factors in mind, MVNU’s Career Development Center angles our services toward working adult students wanting to get ahead:

  • Career exploration doesn’t just factor in what you want to do. In meeting with an advisor, you can see how your past experiences and current education can help you reach that next stage.
  • Because you have likely already put together several cover letters and resumes, our team helps you improve these documents to make a stronger impression.
  • We discuss internships from the perspective of entering a particular industry and translating that opportunity into a full-time role down the road.
  • Because many working adults returning to school already know what they want to do, career guidance focuses on developing a plan to get there.
  • Especially as MVNU’s School of Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) focuses on market-ready degree programs, the Career Development Center helps students stay abreast of changing industry trends and demands, ensuring their skills remain relevant upon graduation.
  • Advisors often serve as the bridge between your education and future job opportunities, setting you up with Handshake — a job search tool for college students — and discussing methods for building your professional network.
  • GPS students don’t have to come to campus to access the Career Development Center. Instead, advisors are available for appointments over phone, video conferencing, and email.

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Explore Careers

The careers that fit you best are those that utilize your strongest preferences, interests and personal drive. Career Development utilizes personality and interest assessments that help you identify the best options. Once you have completed the assessments your career advisor will help you make sense of your results and your past experiences. This process will help you identify potential career paths within your field.

If you would like to take our career assessments, contact the Career Development Center. Resources for exploring occupations are listed below. These are best utilized in conjunction with assessments and direct advising.

What can I do with this Major?

Occupational Outlook Handbook is a great resource, with the most extensive entries on occupations from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Vocational Bios provides an up-close and personal look at numerous occupations, to give you a real sense of what a career might be like. To access Vocational Biographies, use the login information below.
Username: mvnaz
Passcode: mvuniv

O*NET is another great resource for investigating careers. It holds more entries than the Occupational Outlook Handbook but has less descriptive entries.

Occupational Information Videos are a great resource for viewing and learning about a wide variety of career fields.

Career Assessments

Even working adults don’t always know where their skill set and strong suits truly lie. In many cases, you may have jumped into the working world right after high school and eventually climbed up to a mid-level role in the years since, or you may have completed some college but weren’t able to finish your course of study. Skills assessments take into account your personality and interests, as well as the knowledge you have acquired through employment, school, and life experiences. Then, in meeting with an advisor, you’ll use the results to determine which career paths suit your profile. Especially as certain degree programs can lead you in a number of directions, such assessments help target and direct your search. In turn, you know what to emphasize and how to appeal to potential employers.

Internships for Working Adult Students

Valued Experience

Adult students who are targeting fields in which they have little or no experience may benefit from internships. Depending on your work schedule flexibility, and the level of experience you need, an internship may be worth considering.

Securing an Internship

Many employers post internships via Handshake, where students can browse and apply (approved resumes are required to apply for positions). Internships can also be found through other internet search engines, employer websites, and career fairs. Visit our Job Search Resources below for more information and access to internship postings.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

All students should utilize accepted formats and approaches for creating effective resumes and cover letters. If you have never created a professional-level resume or cover letter, and need help getting started, you can utilize the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide to develop your content prior to meeting with an advisor. For guidance on updating and enhancing resumes, review the advanced sections found in the guide. Career advisors are available to help you with this process.

If you are preparing to apply for positions and need to have your resume or cover letters reviewed, please make an appointment via email, and send your documents as an attachment. We also recommend you review the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide. Your time might be much better utilized if you can incorporate the guidance from our booklet prior to your meeting. For in-person meetings, please also bring a paper copy of your resume to your appointment.

Job Search Resources


Handshake is our centralized system for job and internship postings for students and alumni. Users can also upload resumes for review, and when required for the job application process. Handshake houses hundreds of postings by employers around Central Ohio and beyond. These employers are specifically seeking students and graduates for their openings.

Click here to access Handshake and follow the instructions to create a profile and begin using the system.


LinkedIn is a must for anyone who is planning to launch a career or is already engaged in a job search. It provides a means to promote your personal brand to employers and is a vital source for networking and employment research.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Career Development.

Student Employment

For student employment opportunities on-campus, please click here.

Additional internet resources for job seekers

  • Ohio Means Jobs – Job listings and resources for job seekers provided by the state of Ohio
  • – An online job search engine that lets you search by keyword, location, and other criteria
  • – Another online job search engine that lets you search by keyword, location, and other criteria
  • – Another national job search resource
  • – Job listings for the greater Columbus area
  • – A database of government jobs for the state of Ohio
  • – A database of government jobs for the federal government
  • Employers by Major – A unique resource that students and professionals can use to identify, research, and network with thousands of prospective employers, anywhere across the U.S.
  • – A site that lists nonprofit jobs and internships

Interview Preparation

Being prepared to interview at the professional level is paramount to landing a job. By scheduling a mock interview with a career advisor in Career Development, you can practice your technique and receive valuable feedback.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Career Development.

Career Events and Programming

Recruiting Events

Mount Vernon Nazarene University participates in annual and bi-annual career fairs, including those listed below. Click the links here for more information.


Ashland University Career Fair (fall and spring semesters)

Education Expo (Teacher recruitment fair)

Contact the Career Development Center Today

Reach out to our Career Development Center’s advisors for guidance and assistance on a variety of career planning and job search needs. For working adult students who are not available to meet at the main campus, we offer alternate modes of connecting with advisors, including phone, email, and video conferencing. Please contact us if you need information or assistance.

Career Development Center
740-397-9000, ext. 4618
Thorne Library/Main Campus