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Silent Parables

Silent Parables CouncilSilent Parables is a recognized student ministry club of Mount Vernon Nazarene University now which has been in existence since 1998. This group of Christian mimes has performed at various college and community events and in churches in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and California.

Silent Parables
conveys the Christian message in mime, which includes original scripts and dramatic motion to some of the more popular Christian musicSilent Parables of the day. Many of the routines are created and choreographed by the students themselves. Each year the team is composed of 10-12 dedicated students who practice two hours each week and travel on planned weekends..

In a day and age when people are strongly influenced by visualization through various media, Silent Parables presents the art of miming with a spiritual purpose. It is done in a fresh appealing way that speaks to the hearts of believers and non-believers alike.

Silent Parables has strong appeal to young people but has also gained praise from adult audiences. The group is capable of filling the time for a full service or providing a few special routines, which can relate to a particular theme. Silent Parables can provide a unique presentation of the gospel message in a church service, dinner theater, special event or youth service.

Joining : Please contact Sarah Matheny , at (740) 392-6868 ext. 7780, to schedule an audition.

Booking : Please contact Sarah Matheny, at (740) 392-6868 ext. 7780, to schedule an appearance.

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