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Living Witness

Welcome to Living Witness, a student organization of Mount Vernon Nazarene University that is dedicated to reaching lives and ministering to people throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Kentucky, through song, drama, and puppets.

Living Witness is a year-long commitment. Information is presented at Club Carnival about the dates and process for application and auditions. We use a variety of talents for our different types of teams including singing, accompanying, speaking, drama and puppets. The commitment to Living Witness includes traveling 6 weekends of the year (3 in fall semester and 3 in spring semester), meeting with teams weekly for practice, Saturday prayer before every traveling weekend, and four organizational meetings: a fun night each semester, a Christmas gathering fall semester, and the Banquet spring semester. (Click here for a schedule of activities.) The number of teams formed each year is based on how many try out

Mission Statement:
Living Witness is a ministry for Mount Vernon Nazarene University students to exemplify Christ through service and the sharing of their talents with others while maintaining a lifestyle of holiness. LW is committed to encouraging and nurturing the passion of Christ within the church by developing new, innovative expressions of the gospel that encourage people to live and grow in Christ.

Council Members for 2004-2005:
Lindsay Greene- President
Amy Williams- Vice President
Reggie Phillips- Secretary
Christopher Easton- Treasurer
Jenny Warner- Team Representative
Andrew Richmond- Team Representative

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