Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing


Undergraduate Students:*

  • ITD1009 - Crossing Cultures Training and Experience (0-1) - Dr. C. Jeanne Serrao
  • ICS2042 - Global Diversity and Intercultural Understanding - Dr. C. Jeanne Serrao
  • THE3003 - Christian Belief and Convictions - Dr. Eric Vail
  • CHH3053 - Christian Heritage II - Rev. Hank Spaulding, III
  • THE4093 - Seminar in Theology - Dr. Eric Vail/Rev. Hank Spaulding
  • ITD5013 - Contemporary Concerns - Mr. Carlos M. Serrao
  • ECE4022 - Early Childhood Social Studies: CIA - Dr. Pam Owen
  • HIS1013-5 - Western Tradition in World Context - Dr. William Wantland
  • HIS3003-1 - Age of Renaissance and Reformation - Dr. William Wantland
  • HIS3089-1 - Special Topics: The Reformation - Dr. William Wantland
  • ENG3069G - Global Literature Special Topics: German and Swiss Literature in Translation - Dr. Yvonne Schultz

Graduate Students:*

  • NTS course(s) - Church History Elective - Dr. Harold Raser

*Course availability may be dependent on number of students registered. Credit is available for both undergraduate and graduate levels. Courses are not required for alumni and friends of MVNU and NTS.

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