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Press Release Forms

* Knox County residents please note: It is the policy of the Mount Vernon News not to print accomplishment press releases because so many students are from the area. We will send them a list of all local student accomplishments.

Congratulations on your special accomplishment at MVNU!

The Communications Office sends press releases to hundreds of newspapers announcing students' achievements. These appear in weekly or daily periodicals and include basic details about the student's major and information about your achievement. Typically, papers must have a circulation of 50,000 or less to run these "hometowner" announcements (see a sample release). MVNU cannot guarantee that the release will be printed. All material is printed at the discretion of the newspapers.

If you would like the Communications Office to create a release on your behalf, please fill out the form below completely. We will send it to the newspaper of your choice.* If you would like a copy of the release for your records, please indicate so. If you have specific instructions for this release, please see the "Special Instructions" portion of the form.

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