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Senior graphic design students to be featured at Schnormeier gallery

April 12, 2012

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio -- Mount Vernon Nazarene University's Schnormeier Gallery, located in historic downtown Mount Vernon's Buchwald Center, will host their own senior graphic design students as they exhibit their latest works. A reception, free and open to the public, will take place on Friday, April 27, from 6-9 p.m.

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MVNU's senior graphic design majors have been working hard the past four years to create professional portfolios of their latest work. After improving their skills and exploring their imagination throughout their college career, they now have the chance to show the public their works! On display from April 23-28, fellow students and community members will have a chance to experience the hard work of each senior. Students who will be featured include: Sara Vecchi, Alexander Sheedy, Benjamin Wong, Tyler DeLong, Monica Garber, Karma Hooley, Katie Hepner, Kayla Yoshino, and Brandon Wengerd.

These nine students not only have different aspirations from one another, but are also inspired by different elements in the world today. Sara Vecchi, from Lancaster, Ohio, is driven by a desire to communicate clearly to her audience through her use of a straight- forward layout and bold colors and contrast in her works. Tyler Delong, from Springboro, Ohio, enjoys graphic design because he loves to create and is inspired by the people around him. Monica Garber, from Newark, Ohio, enjoys using graphic designs to communicate solutions to problems by focusing on typography and using aesthetic, bold colors. Karma Hooley, from Syracuse, Indiana, is inspired by the works of Lester Beall and Ladislav Sutner to embrace the flat expanses of color and to let the elements breathe; she also pulls information from lines, arcs, grids, and rhythms she sees and feels around herself.

These designers all have one thing in common, they want to communicate with their audience. They are excited to graduate and start a career helping others portray messages to the public. "I want to inform, persuade, enlighten, and entertain; but I do not want to clutter or overwhelm," says Karma Hooley. "There is purpose to every element I include. I do not feel the need to fill the negative space, to show every detail, or to clutter the page. I aspire to create work that is to the point; it is creative and innovative, but without added fluff. Like designer Barbara Logan says, my design is 'Focused on communication, not bells and whistles.'”

Katie Hepner, from Bucyrus, Ohio, creates designs that are functional, minimal, and often monochromatic; and she appreciates the ideals of the Bauhaus Movement. Kayla Yoshino, from Toledo, Ohio, is inspired by nature, culture, and trends and hopes to connect with her viewers emotionally while grabbing their attention with bright and visually appealing color palettes. Ben Wong, from Fairfield, Ohio, believes that he can find inspiration in anything and he enjoys designing works that are clean and simple. Alex Sheedy, from Sunbury, Ohio, and Brian Wengerd, from Berlin, Ohio, are both driven to create works that are unique and attention-grabbing.

Please join us as we celebrate the talent and hard work of the senior graphic design majors. For more information, call (740)-397-9000, ext. 3040, or visit

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