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Itinerary: Croatia/Italy, 2017

WATCH a video clip from our 2013 trip!

May 2, Tuesday:

  • Depart Port Columbus.

May 3, Wednesday:

  • Arrive in Milan; see Milan for a few hours, including La Scala Opera House; then head to Venice.

May 4, Thursday:

  • Venice; possible mass participation at St. Mark's Cathedral, plus a separate cathedral concert).

May 5, Friday:

  • Depart Venice mid-morning to Zagreb, seeing Postonja Caves on the way); arrive in Zagreb for dinner and meet with missionaries Dave and Betsy Scott who have been working with the refugee crisis now for many months in addition to the new Croatian Church of the Nazarene.

    WATCH a video clip with greetings from Dave and Betsy Scott.

May 6, Saturday:

  • Concert in Vukovar, Croatia, a town that was decimated in the 1991 Serbian/Croatian conflict; partnering with a ministry of healing in this city (watch the video clip below).

    WATCH a video clip from the Valley of Blessings series in Vukovar.

May 7, Sunday:

  • Return to Zagreb area, including the church service at the Zagreb Church of the Nazarene that recently acquired a small meeting site.

May 8, Monday:

  • Ministering and sight-seeing in Zagreb; possibly ministering to refugees.

May 9, Tuesday:

  • Depart Zagreb early morning to Split; visit Plitvice Lakes and Falls on the way. Tour Split for a couple hours; overnight in Split.

May 10, Wednesday:

  • Depart Split early morning to Dubrovnik; tour Dubrovnik until dark, then overnight ferry to Bari, Italy.

May 11, Thursday:

  • Bus - Bari to Catania, Sicily

May 12, Friday:

  • Catania area outreach activities; Giovanni and Mariella Cereda, pastors of the Catania Church of the Nazarene will be our hosts. Collegians assisted this church in 2003 before they had a building. At some point we'll see Mount Etna, visit Taormina and the historical ruins in Siracusa. We might also sing for the troops at the Sigonella Naval Air Station in Catania.

    WATCH a video clip with greetings from Giovanni Cereda.

May 13, Saturday:

  • Catania area; assisting ministry efforts.

May 14, Sunday:

  • Catania Church of the Nazarene service; then overnight ferry to Naples.

May 15, Monday:

  • Bus from Naples to Rome

May 16, Tuesday:

  • Rome sight-seeing and a cathedral concert

May 17, Wednesday:

  • Sing at the Papal audience, then the rest of day in Rome. remainder of day in Rome; possibly connect with the Rome Church of the Nazarene

May 18, Thursday:

  • Return home




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