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Off Campus vs. On Campus Employment

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Nov. 5-6
Gender Lecture Series

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Homecoming Pageant

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Nov. 14-15
"Our Town"

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Estep Prayer Lecture Series

Nov. 26-30
Thanksgiving Break

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College students often struggle with the decision of whether to work on campus or to take a job off campus. There certainly are advantages and disadvantages to both. However, at the end of the day, I believe that the clear winner is the on-campus job. Let me explain…
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Midterm grades were posted on October 24th. These grades are posted online and students should be able to view their grades by accessing their student portion of the MVNU portal. If students have any concerns or questions regarding their academic status, please encourage them to contact their professor immediately. Opportunities are still available for students to get extra help by contacting the Academic Support office.

Fall Fun Night

If you had a chance to stop by Pioneer or Galloway Hall this past Thursday night, you may have thought there was a mass exodus at the Esther Jetter Preschool, located on campus. The ladies of Pioneer and Galloway invited faculty and staff children to their traditional Fall Fun Night. Students decorated their doors, dressed in themed costumes, and passed out candy to the excited and cleverly disguised children. MVNU Chaplain Scott Peterson was the official judge for the door decorating contest in Galloway and had the difficult challenge of awarding the top prizes in the annual contest. Students enjoyed decorating their doors, getting into costume, and meeting all of the children who came through.

On a personal note, yes that is my daughter Grace in the picture, yes my kids were given way too much candy, and yes, my wife and I went through the candy after the kids were in bed and ate our fair share!