MAY 2009
A newsletter for parents of Mount Vernon Nazarene University students…
Written by Lee Yowell, Associate Dean of Student Development

Summer Classes at MVNU

Upcoming Events

May 7
Blue/Green Day

May 7-9
"Pirates of Penzance"

May 9
Juinor/Senior Banquet: Featuring Dave Barnes

May 13
Awards Convocation

May 19-22
Final Exams

May 22
Residence Areas Close at 2 p.m.
Baccalaureate Service at 7 p.m.
President's Dessert Reception at 9 p.m.

May 23
Spring Commencement

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Who doesnít love summer vacation? Truth is students look forward to a break from the rigorous academic schedule they experience from September to May. But while some students are lying by the pool, many students take advantage of the summer courses offered at MVNU. There are numerous reasons why this is an attractive option, but I thought we might highlight just a few this month:

Many students tell us they enjoy the shorter schedule and more focused approach of the January-term schedule. Well, summer courses are very similar. Rather than meeting over the course of several months, students meet over the course of a few weeks.

Knock Out a Tough Course
There are some courses that are harder than others. If a student struggles with math, they might want to take a math class during the summer. This way, they will be able to spend more time working on the subject and can focus on this course rather than several all at once.

Finishing on Time or Even Early
Some students realize that, given the demands of their program, they may need to spend an extra semester or year to complete their degree. While summer classes can represent an additional cost for students, it can also be a much cheaper option than an additional semester or year of tuition.

Double Major
If your son/daughter is working on more than one major, he/she may want to attend college in the summer to help with the course load. Taking on more than one major isnít easy and a few summer course can help a lot.

If you or your student is interested in summer coursework at MVNU, please click on the following links to find additional information.

Summer Schedule
Summer Registration
Guest Registration

Parent Day Recap

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to visit and join us for the 2009 Spring Parentsí Day event. We had an outstanding number of parents visiting over the weekend for the golf outing, the Mr. MVNU competition, the exciting Block Party and the other activities that took place. The golf outing had a record attendance as we had just under 70 participants this year. It was great to see students, parents, faculty, staff, and alums fellowshipping together and occasionally harassing one another on the golf course.

The foursome I played in was made up of a student, his father, a 2004 alumnus of MVNU, and me as a staff member. We were an eclectic group both in our composition and skill level, but shared a love for MVNU and had a great morning of golf. Plans are already underway for the Fall Parents' Day and information will be available soon. So please be looking for that date in the coming months!

Important Upcoming Dates

Final Spring Semester Grades Posted:
Wednesday, May 27

New Student Orientation:
Friday, June 19; Friday, July 10; Friday, July 31

Transfer Orientation:
Friday, August 7

Fall Move-In Day for Returning Students:
Saturday, August 29

Fall Classes Begin:
Tuesday, September 1