A newsletter for parents of Mount Vernon Nazarene University students…
Written by Lee Yowell, Associate Dean of Student Development

MVNU Terminology 101

Upcoming Events

Feb. 11
African American Read In

Feb. 12
RA Applications Available

SGA Election Sign-ups Begin

Feb. 13
PINK ZONE: Men's and Women's Basketball vs. Houghton

Feb. 14
Women's Basketball vs. Ursuline - SENIOR NIGHT

Feb. 17
Black History Month Film Series

Men's Basketball vs. Malone - SENIOR NIGHT

Feb. 18
"Sweet River County: A Redneck Fairytale"

Feb. 23
SGA Online Primaries

Feb. 27

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We use a lot of inside jargon in higher education and it can sometimes get confusing. Over the years Iíve heard parents ask for clarification on terms or acronyms we use at MVNU. So we've compiled a list of common terms that you may hear from your son/daughter. It's not a complete list, but it's a start. Don't worry...there will not be a quiz at end! [Read more]

Excuses, excuses...

I spoke with parents the other day who asked what could be done regarding their son's sleep and study habits. The general concern was that he wasn't going to bed until 3 a.m. most nights and was too tired to study effectively for class. As a university administrator, I get this question a lot. In the past, Iíve suggested that parents gently encourage better habits by way of severe beatings, verbal lashings, and the confiscation of the student's cell phone. While these persuasive techniques are often effective, I got the feeling that these particular parents were looking for an alternative strategy. [Read more]

Living Room Recliner or Stadium Seating: A Student Development Perspective

Have you ever wondered why those people in the football stadium are paying a lot of money to sit in the freezing cold to watch a football game that they could just as easily watch on TV? Some folks wonder why students might leave home, pack up and travel off to college when they could consider a degree program online. Here are my thoughts... [Read more]