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You’ve Got Mail

Upcoming Events

Dec. 5 & 6
Men's Basketball Holiday Invitational

Dec. 7

Dec. 8
Christmas Party hosted by SGA

Dec. 9-12
Final Exams

Dec. 12
Residence Areas Close at 5 PM

Dec. 13
Winter Commencement

Dec. 13
Food for the Hungry Basketball Games vs. Kenyon College

Dec. 17
Final Grades Posted on the MVNU Portal

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It’s hard to believe but finals week is here. As we approach this last stretch of the semester, I’d like to encourage our parents to pray for our students.

The end of the semester is an exciting time for our students and consists of Christmas parties, time with friends, and of course final exams. As our students are finishing the semester, they can certainly benefit from your thoughts and prayers. You might consider calling one evening to let them know you are thinking about them, or surprise them with some mail in their campus mailbox. Another option that is always popular is the care package. A box filled with snacks, homemade goodies, and other delectable treats can really help when making that final lap during these remaining days of the semester.

So if you get a chance…drop a line, send note, or ship out a box of tasty goodness to your studious students. Who knows…it could help smooth things out when you present them with the extensive list of chores they will be completing during Christmas break.

Lost in Translation

I got a call from a parent several weeks ago, he and his wife were looking for an excuse to visit their son and were thinking about coming down during the MVNU Parents’ Weekend. However, this father was calling me because his son informed him that “nothing was going on that weekend” and he wanted some clarification... [Read more]

Friday Night Live

What is it like to cram 500 or so students into an auditorium that seats 240? Well, it’s hot, a little cramped, and, yes, very funny. The Student Government Association hosted Friday Night Live a few weeks ago, which follows a variety show format with skits, videos, and music by MVNU students. Students were lined up outside the doors waiting to get a seat before the show. The event even saw MVNU celebrities President Dan Martin, Chaplain Scott Peterson, and Vice President for Student Development Lanette Sessink out for the show.

With such an overwhelming turnout, SGA has already determined that the FNL event this coming spring semester will have two showings to accommodate the campus-wide demand. The event was a culmination of hours of writing, rehearsals, and practice, but was well worth the effort!