APRIL 2009
A newsletter for parents of Mount Vernon Nazarene University students…
Written by Lee Yowell, Associate Dean of Student Development

A Great Time to Visit

Upcoming Events

April 7
Concert: The Great Transparency

April 8
Resurrection Celebration

April 10 - 13
Easter Break

April 18
"FNL" sponsored by SGA

April 24
SGA Campus Block Party

April 25
MVNU Parents' Day
Katie Miller (piano) Senior Recital
Aimee Erickson (trumpet) Senior Recital

April 26
Lindsey Norris (clarinet) Senior Recital

April 30-May 2
"Pirates of Penzance"

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Mark your calendars, because Saturday, April 25 is MVNU Parents’ Day. This is a great opportunity to pop in for a visit when our campus just couldn't be more beautiful. We've already made arrangements and the weather is guaranteed to be spectacular.

Don't worry; this is a laid back event, so you won't have to worry about ordering tickets or registering for the event. It's just an invitation to visit and spend some time with your son or daughter before the craziness of finals and the busyness of summer take over. For many proud (and thankful) parents, this will be your last chance to visit with your student before graduation. Here are a few things we have planned:
  • Annual Parents' Day Golf Outing
  • Dime-a-dog
  • Softball tournament
  • The incredibly popular "Mr. MVNU"
  • Open house events in the residence areas
It is going to be a fantastic weekend! Some may be interested in coming early for our campus wide Block Party sponsored by SGA on Friday evening, April 24. For those interested in the Parent Day Golf Outing, be sure to contact your son or daughter regarding tee times and pricing info.

We’ll see you in a few weeks.

“Oh the Humanity” of Assigning Student Housing

Have you ever watched two lions fight over a single piece of meat? Well, you may not believe me, but the carnage and ferocity of that scene pales in comparison to the annual process of assigning housing for the next school year. I might be over-exaggerating a bit, but it is surprising the emotional highs and lows that go with room rush.

The process is actually pretty simple as students put themselves in groups of 2, 4 or 6 and then turn in their paperwork with their top choices for housing placement. The Residence Life staff then place these groups based upon number of credit hours for the group. hus, those groups with the most credit hours are placed first and so on.

The catch is that sometimes students will get a housing assignment in Cedar when they really wanted Birch, or an apartment mate backed out on them at the last minute and signed up with a different group, leaving them to search for a new roommate. This is when disappointment, frustration and myriad other emotions set it. We want you to know the following:

1. Housing is based upon a set and consistent method, not by someone bribing the Director of Residence Life with homemade cookies.
2. The Residence Life staff provides help and assistance for students looking for a roommate.
3. If students have questions, it is always is best if he/she contacts his/her RD or the Director of Residence Life.

Too often, a student will call home, give partial information and then expect the parent to make the calls and work everything out. If you find yourself being asked or tempted to take charge and get this all straightened out yourself, consider letting your son/daughter work this one out on their own. It really does work.

The Summer Job Hunt Begins...Today!

Many students will plan on working this summer and now is the time to start planning. Some students have jobs already lined up, but others may not be thinking that far ahead. You may want to start planting the idea in your son/daughter’s head that now is the time to start looking for jobs, filling out applications and making initial inquiries.

I spoke with one student this past fall who didn't realize how long it took to find a job and ended up waiting a few weeks after they got home to start seriously looking for a job. They couldn't believe how many jobs had already been taken and ended up not starting work until late July. With an increasingly competitive job market, it will be even more important this summer that students start looking early if they want to land a great summer job.