Spring 2011

SWAT Team Simulations

Several MVNU students and staff members were recently involved in Mount Vernon Police Department SWAT team simulations on MVNU's campus. These exercised provided valuable practice and feedback to both MVNU personnel and the SWAT team. Thank you to all participants!

MVNU maintains and continues to build positive relationships with local authorities and agencies so that, in the event of a crisis, we can work efficiently and effectively together.  

Crisis Communication

How will you or your parents know what is going on at MVNU during a crisis?

For parents: If you see members of the media across campus, direct them to crisis communication headquarters at JSB 133 (round room). They will hear from local authorities and campus officials, as well as have access to telephones, e-mail, and computers.

College Food Safety

You and your friends enjoyed a pizza in your apartment last night. You notice there are still a couple of leftover slices in the box on the coffee table in the morning. You've got three minutes to get to class. Do you grab a slice as you head out the door? Unless you like a buffet of bacteria for breakfast, it's not a very good idea. Learn why you might might be sorry later in the day, and read many other helpful food safety tips. 

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Could Call of Duty Make You Ill?

Video games have come a long way since Space Invaders and Pac Man. Today's games are much more complex and interesting, and the technology has advanced to the point where a gamer can be immersed in a multimedia-enabled virtual reality.

Does spending too long at the screen cause people to become overweight and unhealthy? Do games increase skills and knowledge? These are important issues because many young people spend hours each week playing these games. This article examines some potential health risks involved with gaming.

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Computer-Related Health Issues

If you regularly use a computer for more than 2 hours per day; if you're overweight, diabetic or arthritic; have poor back posture; sit for long periods of time; or smoke, then you are at high risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Most of the time, the symptoms of RSI are so subtle and evasive that 80% of people who suffer from it don't even know that they do. Check out the list of symptoms and
ways to improve your computer use in order to avoid RSI.

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