Fall 2009

Student Voice

"Our leaders here at MVNU work really hard to make sure that students know about any campus safety concerns. They have made our safety a priority, for which I am thankful. As students, we need to use the information in this newsletter as well as other administrative advice for our own benefit."

- Robert Audia, SGA President

Communication During a Crisis

How will you or your parents know what is going on at MVNU during a crisis?
  • Voicemail
  • Text messages (if you opt in)
  • E-mail
  • Residence directors and advisors
  • www.mvnu.edu
  • WNZR 90.9 FM
  • Chapel announcements
  • Security PA system
  • Bullhorns and volunteers
  • School closings: ext. 1600
For parents:
  • We will attempt to make calls to each parent
  • Text message (if you opt in)
  • www.mvnu.edu or mvnucrisis.wordpress.com
  • School closings: ext. 1600
  • Emergency hotline (activated in crisis only): ext. 5000
If you see members of the media across campus, direct them to crisis communication headquarters at FEBC 133 (round room). They will hear from local authorities and campus officials, as well as have access to telephones, e-mail, and computers.

Sleep and Time Management

By Dr. Colleen Bryan, Department Chair/ Associate Professor of Psychology

It's 4 in the afternoon, and here you go again… experiencing that uncontrollable urge to crawl in bed and take a nap. Ever since college began, it’s been something you can count on – the fatigue and lack of energy that surface near the end of afternoon classes. What is it about your body that keeps you from fully functioning at your best, compromising your productivity?

Well, that "need for a nap" is likely tied to two things that many college students are lacking in their daily routines: adequate sleep at the right time, and good time management skills. It's a well-known fact that residential college life involves too-late nights, too-early mornings and lots of disruptions in between.

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Healthy Eating

By Dr. Candace Fox, Department Chair/Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences

Although no specific food can keep us from getting ill, there are some eating habits that we can adopt to help ensure a happy, healthy holiday season. One of the most important things is to be sure that we are eating a varied diet and drinking plenty of healthy liquids, such as 100% juice.

Staying healthy during the holidays and stressful times can be accomplished. Watching portion sizes and eating a variety of foods can help us all feel better!

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