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M2540 — Knox County

M2540 - Knox County

M2540: Knox Needs

The country's urban centers have the largest raw numbers of those experiencing food-insecurity, but those in rural communities are most likely to be food insecure. Forty-three percent of America's counties are rural, but almost two-thirds of those counties have high rates of food insecurity. Knox County, home to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, is one of those counties in which food insecurity is on the rise.

Food insecurity means that at least some household members are uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food due to insufficient resources. MVNU is committed to raising $12,000 to assist Knox County in providing a safety net for those experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Your donation will make an immediate difference in the lives of Knox County residents.

M2540: Knox Education

The goal of M2540:Knox Education is to develop collaborative partnerships between public schools and Mount Vernon Nazarene University with the purpose of developing creative means for effecting change in the lives of students identified as at risk of literacy failure and to provide funds for educationally enriching field trips.

As a university, we are called and uniquely positioned to invest our intellectual resources to make a substantive difference in our community while serving some of the most vulnerable citizens: our children at risk of literacy failure. Your support of these efforts will help MVNU bridge the gap for students whose families and educational systems are struggling to provide adequate resources.

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