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Honors Program

Honors Program

Dr. Brett Wiley, Director

"Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God" -- Romans 11:33 NIV

Applying to the Honors Program:
Recipients of the Honors Scholarship receive an additional $1,000 per year if they are accepted and elect to participate in the University Honors Program.  

Admission to the MVNU Honors Program requires:

  • An ACT composite score of 26 or above or SAT combined score of 1210 or above
  • High school cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above, on a 4.00 scale
  • Submission of the Honors Program application (upcoming).

Please return the appropriate completed application to:

  • Cindy Mauller
    Mount Vernon Nazarene University
    800 Martinsburg Road
    Mount Vernon, OH 43050

  • If you have any questions:

Honors ProgramThe words of the apostle Paul call those whose lives would be fully devoted to God, those who pursue holy living and true worship, to a life of transformation -- rooted in faith, fed by knowledge of His truth, and fueled by acting with insight and skill consistent with the nature of the kingdom of God. To love God with our entire mind is to be passionate about learning, recognizing that "to seek to learn is to seek to serve"!

Mount Vernon Nazarene University offers to academically gifted and highly motivated students a community of servant-scholars through our Honors Program. Participation in Honors begins during the freshman year and culminates with special recognition at graduation. Throughout the experience, students have the advantage of advanced curriculum, intellectually stimulating presentations and discussions on both classical and contemporary topics, personal interaction with peers and professors that encourage excellence, and the intrinsic rewards of faithful achievement.

The Honors Program at MVNU consists of three basic areas:

  1. Honors General Education
  2. Honors Project
  3. Cultural Enrichment

Each area is designed to focus on a different portion of your education. Unique educational, cultural, and service opportunities provided through involvement in the Honors Program include:

Honors General Education Core
Honors ProgramGeneral Education for Honors Scholars includes a set of courses designed with their unique needs and abilities in mind. First-term freshmen begin a three semester sequence, Core Conversations (I, II, III) . As the title suggests, these courses invite students into dialogue, with each other, with their professors, and, above all, with some of the seminal thinkers in the Western tradition. The conversation focuses on perennial human concerns, the nature and purpose of humanity, the interplay of faith and reason, the quest for justice and the need for mercy, the balance between individual liberty and the wellbeing of society, and so forth. Core Conversations reminds students that our most basic questions have a history and invites them to explore answers already posed. At the same time, the course fine tunes their skills in reading, writing, and analysis, while bypassing the traditional general education requirements in history, and literature.

Honors Seminar is an ideal complement to Core Conversations. A one-hour, interdisciplinary special topics-oriented course, each semester's seminar explores one contemporary problem from multiple perspectives. The seminar entertains guest lecturers from MVNU and other universities, and frequently employs field trips. Students are organized into small groups for discussions facilitated by some of MVNU's leading faculty members. So, while Core Conversations introduces students to a rich, textured background, Honors Seminar examines contemporary problems as they confront us in the particularity of our current moment. Honors students take the Seminar six of the eight semesters they are typically at MVNU.

Honors Project
As honors students mature, the program shifts its focus toward disciplinary research. In their junior and senior years, students design and execute a research project in their area of interest guided by a committee of faculty members. The honors project is often a critical link between undergraduate and graduate education. It is an ideal preparation for "the next step" Honors Scholars frequently aspire to take.

Cultural Enrichment
The Honors Program takes field trips related to Honors Seminar topics and gives students opportunities to attend various off-campus cultural events through the year.

Honors Scholars
When students complete the program they are recognized as University Honors Scholars at graduation and on their transcripts.

Honors Program

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