General Studies
MVNU's General Studies courses have been designed for adult learners who want to complete their college degree but do not have a sufficient number of credits to enroll in an undergraduate degree-completion program or have enough total credits to graduate.

By combining General Studies courses with those in your chosen undergraduate program, it is possible to obtain your degree in a very timely and convenient way (many courses also offered online). And, by working one-on-one with a GPS registration specialist, you'll be able to create a graduation plan that's specifically designed to meet your individual academic needs.

Be sure to contact an enrollment counselor at an MVNU site near you to get started today.

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Course Descriptions

Old Testament History and Literature (3)

In-seat and Online
A survey of the books of the Old Testament with emphasis given to the significant historical events, personalities, and theological traditions of Israel.

New Testament History and Literature (3)

In-seat and Online
A survey of the New Testament books, emphasizing the significant historical events, personalities, and theological traditions of the early Christian Church.

Principles of Biology with Laboratory (4)

Online Only
A study of life processes, organization and structure common to animals, plants, and microbes. Laboratory exercises are included. The course is designed for non-majors and does not count toward the biology major or minor.

Interpersonal Communication (3)

In-seat Only
A study of communication theory and its value in interpersonal relationships. Special emphasis is given to the development of the communication process, appropriate techniques and skills.

Public Speaking (3)

In-seat Only
A study in the preparation and delivery of informational and persuasive speeches.

Introduction to Communication (3)

Online Only
Through the use of readings, discussion forums, exercises and writing, we will explore the often taken-for-granted power of communication that makes people unique among all creatures. We will discover that talk is not cheap, but rather it allows us to express our humanity in a rich and powerful way. The course will cover interpersonal, small group, and public communication.

Technology and Society (3)

In-seat and Online
A study of technology's impact on individuals, groups, and institutions. Special emphasis is given to worker displacement, computer illiteracy, environmental and health issues, depersonalization, computer crime, intellectual property, invasion of privacy and other ethical/legal issues.

Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

In-seat Only (Online for AASB)
An introduction to macroeconomics including basic concepts of supply and demand, price system, employment theory, inflation, business cycles, monetary policies, and fiscal policies.

Introduction to Literature (3)

In-seat and Online
A study of literary genres through representative readings. This course is offered in traditional and non-traditional formats

College Writing (3)

In-seat and Online
This course focuses on the process and practice of composition and includes attention to formatting, modes of writing, grammar, and persuasion. Students will develop critical writing, reading, and thinking skills. Emphasis will be given to the research essay, including argumentation, documentation styles, and research techniques. Both MLA and APA styles will be introduced in the course.

Astronomy with Laboratory (4)

Online Only
A study of the structure, composition, organization and history of the universe. Special emphasis is given to the solar system, the structure and function of stars, the structure of galaxies, the organization of matter, and theories about the history and origin of the universe.

Meteorology with Laboratory (4)

In-seat Only
A study of the earth's atmosphere, physical factors that affect weather, weather systems and patterns, and scientific methods used to collect data, analyze trends, and forecast weather.

The Western Tradition in World Context (3)

In-seat and Online
This course will examine the development of Western civilization within a broader world context since 1500 A.D. The course particularly attends to the emergence of "modern patterns of life," including modern states and systems of production and exchange, the development of modern science and technology, globalization, and modern concepts of the self and society.

The Arts and Human Identity (3)

Coming Soon - In-seat and Online
This course explores art broadly conceived as a mode of action essential to human identity and culture and will ask fundamental questions about the nature and purposes of art. The course will connect students to the arts by giving them Christian categories for seeing art - its creation and use - as part of their humanity, introduce them to some significant works in music, literature, and the fine arts, and encourage their aesthetic enjoyment of various art forms.

Introduction to Mathematical Systems (3)

In-seat Only
A study of number systems. Special emphasis is given to logic, axioms and applications from groups and non-Euclidean geometry.

Introduction to Statistics (3)

In-seat and Online
A study of basic descriptive and inferential statistics with emphasis on applications in business, biology, and social sciences.

Music in the Western World (2)

In-seat Only
A comprehensive survey of musical trends and developments in the western world and a guide to appreciating these trends. This course is offered in traditional and non-traditional formats.

General Psychology (3)

In-seat and Online
An introduction to psychology with emphasis on the biological and social perspectives. Special emphasis is given to the scientific method, psychological terminology, and prominent theories.

Introduction to Sociology (3)

In-seat and Online
An introduction to the sociological perspective of humans in social relationships, social groups and in society with emphasis on basic concepts, terms, and sociological theory.

Social Problems (3)

Online Only
An introduction to basic principles in understanding patterns of social relations. Includes the major theoretical perspectives and methods for obtaining sociological knowledge. Special emphasis is given to the sociological examination of the major institutions in society.

Elementary Spanish I (4)

In-seat Only
An introductory study of the Spanish culture, language, grammar and vocabulary by means of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and translating.

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