Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing

Directory by Department

  Name Ext Email Address
Admissions Counselor Calvarese, David 4518
Admissions Office Coordinator Cross, Vanessa 4510
Applications Specialist Dove, Jackie 4513
Admissions Counselor Estep, Brittany 4519
Enrollment Events Assistant King, Hannah 4550
Assistant Director of Admissions,Campus Visits and Events Kuhn, Rachel 4551
Admissions Counselor Orecchio, Faith 4516
Admissions Counselor Pauley, Morgan 4517
Assistant Director of Dual Enrollment and College Credit Plus Sellers, Melissa 4508
Assistant Director of Admissions, Campus Visits and Events Stanley, Rob 4507
Asst VP of Enrollment Management Smith, James 4511
Admissions Data & Communications Specialist Todd, Nancy 4512
Admissions Office Assistant Van Winkle, Bonnie 4560
Director of Undergrad Admissions Waal, Tracy 4514
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