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Emergency U Newsletter

As an effort to keep safety/emergency issues in front of students, faculty, and staff, the Crisis Response Committee created "Emergency U," an electronic newsletter delivered once each semester by e-mail.

Most Recent Issue:

Spring 2011
     Food safety
     Can playing video games make you ill?
     Computer-related health issues

Past Issues:

Spring 2010
     Summer safety
     Hydration information
     Travel safety

Fall 2009
     Sleep and time management
     Healthy eating

Fall 2008
     Fire safety
     Winter driving

Spring 2008
     Text messaging
     Safety items for your room/car

Fall 2007
     New text message alert system
     Campus night safety

Spring 2007
     Hepatitis and menangitis
     Tornado safety

Fall 2006
     General flu prevention
     Avian flu/pandemic information

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