Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing
Safety/Emergency Information

MVNU Crisis Hotline

In the event of a crisis at MVNU, a special campus phone line will be activated:

  • (740) 397-9000, ext. 5000

Please be aware that personnel manning telephones may not have the answers to all of your questions. We ask for your patience during a crisis situation.

Local Authorities
  • Campus Safety -- (740) 399-8686 or dial (740) 397-9000 ext. 8686

  • Mount Vernon Police -- (740) 397-2222

  • Knox County Sherriff -- (740) 397-3333

  • Mount Vernon Fire Department -- (740) 397-4444

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol -- (740) 397-5115

  • Knox Community Hospital -- (740) 393-9000

What is considered a crisis?

Any life-threatening event or situation in which the residents and/or employees of the University demand emergency care and/or protection.

Important Documents

There is a Crisis Response Plan to be followed by University personnel in response to various types of traumatic events which may include, but not be limited to, an on- or off-campus death of a member of the campus community, crime related incident, natural disasters (flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.), or other life threatening situations (car accidents, bomb threats, power failures, explosions, major fires, etc.).

Where do I look for up-to-date information?

MVNU is committed to bringing its constituents timely and accurate information.

  • A crisis web site will be directly linked from MVNU's home page.
  • In the event of severe power outage, facility damage, or MVNU web servers are down, please check MVNU's alternative back-up emergency site.
  • The Communications Office will distributing information to appropriate media outlets and constituent groups through e-mail, fax distribution lists, and telephone calls.
  • WNZR 90.9 FM will be provided with current information regarding a crisis. Listeners outside of area can listen online by clicking on "Listen Live" from WNZR's home page.
  • MVNU's magazine Mount Vernon NOW will contain coverage of a crisis event.
  • Students and campus employees may be updated through chapel service announcements, post office boxes, campus switchboard, voicemail, e-mail, and other methods as necessary.
Services Available

MVNU strives to provide students, faculty, and staff with a compassionate and safe environment during and after a crisis.

  • Counseling and Career Center staff members, as well as individuals from the Chaplain's office will be available to counsel students, faculty, or staff members during a time of crisis. The Counseling and Career Center can be reached at (740) 397-9000, ext. 4610.
  • If deemed necessary and appropriate, class assignments may be shortened, tests and exams may be rescheduled, or class may be cancelled.
  • The R.R. Hodges Chapel will be open to the campus for individual and group prayer during a time of crisis.
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