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Hugh Halter - December 3, 2013
Theme: AND...the gathered and scattered church
Time: 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (Registration 9 a.m.)
Location: Ariel Arena    

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About the Topic:

This year's LEAP Seminar is centered around the book AND, by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay. It asks and provides an answer for one of the most important questions for church leaders today: What is happening to the church in America? By all appearances, it looks like we are 'doing' church better than we ever have. In spite of the rapid growth of prevailing church movements, why is the Western church still in massive decline? Numerous books have been written documenting the flight of members from the institutional church.

This is not about how to do church better or how to just get people back into the pews. AND helps you focus on the vast majority of unchurched Christians and non-believers who are not moving toward any form of church. You will learn how to value existing church forms---attracting people to a physical church and releasing people into hands-on ministry ... bringing together the very best of the attractional and missional models for church ministry. AND will equip you and all church leaders to value existing church forms while catalyzing a missional movement of incarnational people into the world for Jesus Christ.


Speaker Bio

Hugh Halter is a church planter, pastor, consultant, and missionary to the US. He is the national director of Missio and is the lead architect of Adullam, a congregational network of Missional communities in Denver, Colorado. He is author of The Tangible Kingdom, AND…the gathered & scattered church, TK Primer, and Sacrilege.  Hugh is an advocate for disoriented God seekers and loves to inspire and re-orient leaders around incarnational mission in any form of church.

An interesting fact about Hugh is that he is intentionally bi-vocational as a pastor - painting houses as a way of being immersed in the world outside of church.

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