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The Church Leadership Continuing Education Coordinator at MVNU serves as a clearinghouse for event calendar and promotion, along with coordinating a series of special seminars on leadership, evangelism and church growth, administration, preaching and worship (LEAP), and ministry resource training workshops for various church leadership positions (children's ministries, youth ministries, women in ministry, etc.).

Information on these seminars and events is available by calling (740) 397-9000, ext. 4110, or toll free 1-888-470-0050, or e-mail

Church Leadership Events

Your registration is not complete or your place reserved until payment has been received by the deadline. See below for events.

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The MVNU Thorne Library Library/Learning Resource Center has various materials available to pastors, staff, and lay leaders for personal research, group study, and staff or board consultations. Our data base contains demographic information to assist churches in creating mission strategies. You can apply for a library card online here.
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