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Prior Learning Credit

MVNU recognizes that adult students are afforded numerous educational opportunities outside the traditional, structured college classroom. This extra-institutional learning may be achieved through both on-the-job training and life experiences, as well as courses sponsored by businesses, government, industry, the armed forces, professional schools, and other credible associations or agencies.

To provide equitable academic recognition for college-level learning, MVNU has established policies concerning credit awards for prior learning, which is defined as college-level learning obtained beyond the traditional college classroom and prior to any college coursework in that subject area. Prior experience, while important, will not necessarily be equivalent to prior learning. Adult students must articulate and demonstrate measurable college-level learning outcomes.

Students who request PLC must forward all training records, licenses, certificates, and/or letters from supervisors to the appropriate Site Operations Assistant for evaluation. There is no guarantee of the number of Prior Learning Credits that will be awarded. Upon approval, all Prior Learning Credits that have been awarded will be added to the student's transcript.

Common forms of PLC accepted by MVNU include:

  • Standardized Examinations (CLEP/DANTES)
  • Professional Licensures (Military, ACE)
  • Corporate and Professional Training

Students may earn a maximum of sixty (60) total undergraduate PLC semester hours, subject to the following limitations:

  • No more than thirty (30) PLC semester hours may be earned via CLEP/DANTES.
  • No more than forty (40) PLC semester hours may be earned via all other types of prior learning credit.


CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and DANTES (Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support) tests are available for students who need to complete the General Education Core or General Elective requirements. There is a fee for each test, plus an additional transcription fee per credit hour earned. The student should contact a GPS Registration Specialist for specific information, academic advice, and restrictions.

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