Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Physical Education Courses (PED)

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PED1002G Principles of Health and Fitness [2].

PED1022 First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) [2].

PED1071G Karate [1].

PED1093 Foundations of Physical Education [3].

PED2003 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology [3].

PED2011G Sports Skill: Baseball [1].

PED2013 Sports Information Services [3].

PED2021G Sports Skill: Basketball [1].

PED2023 Athletic Training [3].

PED2029 Sports Information Practicum [1-2].

PED2031G Sports Skill: Cross Country [1].

PED2039 Athletic Training Practicum [1-2].

PED2041G Sports Skill: Golf [1].

PED2049 Sports Management Practicum [1-2].

PED2051G Sports Skill: Soccer [1].

PED2063 Pedagogy in Health and Physical Education [3].

aPED2071G Advanced Bicycling [1].

PED2081G Sports Skill: Volleyball [1].

PED2091G Sports Skill: Softball [1].

PED2093 Sports and Society [3].

aPED3003 Sports Psychology [3].

PED3013 Fitness Testing [3].

PED3033G Personal Health [3].

PED3043 Community Health [3].

PED3053 Individual and Team Sports [3].

PED3063 Administration of Athletics, Physical Education and School Health Programs [3].

PED3073 Sports Management I [3].

PED4003 Kinesiology [3].

PED4013 Physiology of Exercise [3].

aPED4023 Content Area Teaching Methods in Physical Education and Health [3].

aPED4053 Sports Management II [3].

aPED4063 Educational Tests and Measurements [3].

aPED4073 Advanced Exercise Studies [3].

PED5019 Independent Study in Physical Education [1-4].

PED5029 Internship [1-6].

aPED5091 Physical Education Honors Research Project [1-2].