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Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Incomplete Grades

I = Not computed: Incomplete work necessitated by extenuating circumstances (e.g. serious illness or other emergency).

When necessary, the instructor may administer a grade of incomplete (I) for the mid-semester in fall or spring. This must first be approved via email by the University Registrar. As a final grade, an incomplete grade (I) may be administered only if permission is granted by the School Dean. To accomplish this, the student and the instructor must submit a written request for an incomplete grade (I) prior to the final examination period for that particular term to the School Dean. If permission is granted, the final grade must be submitted to the University Registrar within 30 calendar days of the last date of the term. If not, the final grade will automatically be changed to F and the student will not receive credit for the course. Alternatively, when permission for an "I" grade is given, the instructor may, at his/her option, specify a final grade other than "F" that the student should receive if the completion deadline is not met.

The student and instructor may petition in writing for extended time to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. If the petition is granted, the deadline for the final grade submission will be set and communicated to the student, instructor, and University Registrar in writing. MVNU email is an approved means for all communication.

Note: A grade of Incomplete (I) may not be appropriate for certain courses, particularly those for which student attendance is necessary. Examples include (but are not limited to) internships, clinicals, directed studies, and independent studies. Whether the course is suitable for a grade of Incomplete (I) is solely within the instructor's discretion. If the instructor decides that the course is not suitable, then the Withdrawal policy will be in effect.