Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

General Provisions (GPS)

Note: The Graduate and Professional Studies portion of this Catalog contains embedded hyperlinks that are visible and executable in the electronic version of this Catalog, which is available on the University's web site at

The purposes of this section of the Catalog are:

  • to disseminate information about GPS policies and procedures,
  • to set forth the authority and responsibility of GPS to establish guidelines that facilitate a just and civil campus community, maintaining social discipline, and
  • to outline the administrative process for determining responsibility for violations of GPS regulations.

GPS policies have been designed to protect individuals and the campus community and create an environment conducive to achieving the academic mission of MVNU.

At the sole discretion of GPS, proceedings under the GPS guidelines set forth here may be suspended when acts or conduct involving possible violations of the standards contained herein are also the subject of criminal or civil enforcement proceedings, so long as suspension will serve the best interests of MVNU or better facilitate the administration of justice. MVNU reserves the right to place a hold on the student's records and/or registration, pending the resolution of proceedings in this Catalog.