Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Assistant Professor Rank

G. Dean Abbott, M.A.T., 2010

Assistant Professor of Communication

B.A., 1994, Anderson University; M.A., 2000, Ball State University; M.A.T., 2003, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Karla R. Adu, M.S., 2008

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S.N., 1999, Capital University; M.S., 2002, The Ohio State University

Margaret Allotey-Pappoe, M.F.A., 2011

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

B.A., 2001, Kwame Nkrumah University; M.A., 2007, Bradley University; M.F.A., 2010, Bradley University

Andrew S. Belleman, M.A.Ed., 2011

Assistant Professor of Education and Men's Soccer Coach

B.A., 2006, Cedarville University; MAEd, 2008, Wilmington College

D. Eric Browning, Ph.D., 2005

Assistant Professor of Counseling and Director of Counseling and Wellness

B.A., 1990, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; M.A., 1998, Ashland Theological Seminary; Ph.D., 2011, Walden University

Michael L. Crawford, M.B.A., 2008

Assistant Professor of Management

B.A., 1998, Cedarville University; M.B.A., 2005, The Ohio State University

Lena S. Crouso, Ed. S., 2010

Assistant Professor of Education

B.S.Ed., 1984, Ohio University; M.Ed., 1989, University of Central Florida; Ed.S., 1994, Stetson University

Christopher J. Devine, Ph.D. 2011

Assistant Professor of Political Science

B.A., 2006, Connecticut College; M.A., 2008, The Ohio State University; Ph.D., 2011, The Ohio State University

Jason H. Foster, M.A., 2011

Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Women's Basketball Coach

B.A., 1997, Point Loma Nazarene University; M.A., 2007, University of the Pacific

Debra J. Garee, M.S.N., 2011

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S.N, 1995, University of Cincinnati; M.S.N., 2010, Indiana Wesleyan University

Dean A. Goon, Ed.D., 2011

Assistant Professor of Education, Director of Instructional Technology

B.S., 1993 and M.A. 2000, The Ohio State University; Ed.D., 2012, Liberty University

H. James Harriman, M.B.A., 2005

Assistant Professor of Accounting

B.S., 1970, The Ohio State University; M.B.A., 1980 University of Dayton

Teresa G. Haverstock, M.B.A., 2007

Assistant Professor of Management

B.B.A., 2002, M.S.M., 2005, and M.B.A., 2007, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Dorothea R. Hawthorne, Ph.D., 2009

Assistant Professor of English

B.A., 1992, Grove City College; M.A., 1996 and Ph.D., 2005, University of Chicago

Andrew M. Hendrixson, M.F.A., 2011

Assistant Professor of Art

B.A., 2008, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, M.F.A., 2011, University of Florida School of Art

Rebecca E. Hinch, M.S., 2007

Assistant Professor of Education and Preschool Director

B.S., 1967, University of Ashland; M.S., 1981, University of Dayton

Jeana L. Howald, M.Ed., 1989

Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Assistant Athletic Director and Women’s Softball Coach

B.A., 1982, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; M.Ed., 1989, Ashland University

Brian D. Humphrey, M.S. 2006

Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Trainer

B.A., 1994, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; M.S., 1997, Ohio University

Judy R. Madtes, M.B.A., 1990

Assistant Professor of Business

B.S. in Bus. Ed., 1979, Trevecca Nazarene University; M.B.A., 1996, City University

Paul E. Nixon, M.L.S., 2001

Assistant Professor of Library Science and Public Services/Systems Librarian

B.A., 1975, MidAmerica Nazarene University; M.Div., 1983, Nazarene Theological Seminary; M.L.S., 1993, University of Missouri-Columbia

Scott A. Peterson, M.A., 2008

Assistant Professor of Religion and Vice President for University Relations

B.S., 1990, Southern Nazarene University; M.A., 2005, Trevecca Nazarene University

Merel E. Pickenpaugh, M.A., 2004

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

B.A., 1971, Olivet Nazarene University; M.A., 1976, The Ohio State University

Joseph D. Rinehart, M.A., 2008

Assistant Professor of Communication and Director of Broadcasting

B.A., 1991, Otterbein College; M.A., 2008, Spring Arbor University

Kelly R. Rush, M.B.A., 2008

Assistant Professor of Finance

B.A., 2002, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; M.B.A., 2004, Ashland University

Donna R. Shiverdecker, M.Ed., 1984

Assistant Professor of Education

B.A., 1973, Olivet Nazarene University; M.Ed., 1979, University of Pittsburgh

Lynn E. Shoemaker, M.Ed., 2011

Assistant Professor of Education

B.S., 1993, Malone College; M.Ed., 1995, Ashland University

Trudy P. Singletary, M.S.W., 2006

Assistant Professor of Social Work

B.S.W., 1988, and M.S.W., 1990, West Virginia University

Andrew D. Stebbins, Ph.D., 2012

Assistant Professor of Sociology

B.A., 1982, Middlebury College; M.A., 1997, Azusa Pacific University; Ph.D., 2009, Murdoch University

Ardyth A. Stull, M.A.Ed., 2005

Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences

B.A., 1991, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; M.A., 1999, Liberty University; M.A.Ed., 2004, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Carla F. Swallow, M.A., 2010

Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.A., 2004, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; M.A., 2007, Wheaton College

Eric M. Vail, Ph.D., 2012

Assistant Professor of Theology

B.A., 2001, Northwest Nazarene University; M.Div., 2005, Nazarene Theological Seminary; 2009, Ph.D., 2009, Marquette University

Keith D. Veale, M.A., 1988

Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Athletic Director, and Men’s Baseball Coach

B.A., 1979, John Wesley College; M.A., 1982, The Ohio State University