Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Additional Admissions Policies & Procedures

In addition to the standard and program-specific admission requirements of GPS undergraduate and graduate programs, the following policies and procedures apply (as necessary) to any applicant to a GPS program.

International Students

Students who are not citizens of the United States of America and desire admission to MVNU must complete the regular admission process with the following provisions:

  • The prospective student must complete and return an application to the University’s Admissions Office by May 1 for fall enrollment or October 1 for spring enrollment.
  • International students must have their secondary school (or equivalent) and university transcripts evaluated by the following independent evaluation service and mail official transcripts and evaluation results to the Admissions Office:

    Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)

    PO Box 514070

    Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470 USA

    Telephone: 414-289-3400

    Fax: 414-289-3411



  • Applicants from countries and US territories in which English is not the primary language must also provide recent evidence of proficiency in English by one of the following:
    1. scoring 80 or above on the Internet-based TOEFL with subscores in writing, reading, speaking and listening of at least 20, or
    2. scoring 550 or above on the written TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with subscores in writing and reading of at least 50.
  • All tests of English proficiency must have been taken in the last two years to be considered for acceptance. An official score report must be mailed directly to the Admissions Office.
  • Each international student must furnish the University with evidence of the ability to finance an education by completing the International Student Certification of Finances form and the International Student Financial Aid Application. These can be obtained from the University's Admissions Office. Upon verification of funds, an initial deposit of $250 must be submitted to the University. Securing finances for school is the responsibility of the student. International students do not qualify for U.S. federally-sponsored financial aid, but may qualify for academic, church-related, international student, and other scholarships from the University.
  • Once the above steps have been completed and the student has been accepted, the University will issue an I-20 form for the student to use in obtaining an F-1 student visa. Students who are citizens of a country other than the United States of America (USA) must hold the F-1 visa in order to register for classes and enroll at the University. Persons who have entered the United States on a visitor’s visa must convert it to an F-1 visa before the University will consider admission. A SEVIS fee of $200 must be paid in addition to the visa application fee. International students on academic or disciplinary probation at another university, or who have been dismissed from another university, are not considered for admission.

Guest Students

Students admitted to a degree program at another institution may enroll at MVNU as a guest student by presenting a letter of authorization from the academic dean or registrar of the other University. Guest students may enroll in courses not leading to degrees by showing evidence of ability to profit from the course and by accepting the ideals of MVNU. When a course the guest student wants to enroll in at MVNU has a prerequisite, the student must present an official transcript from any institution(s) showing the prerequisite is completed.

Applicants with a Felony Record

When an individual with a felony record applies for acceptance, the following procedure will be implemented:

  1. The applicant will write an essay of petition to the Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies and Enrollment (VPGPSE) including:
    • the incident, the date of the crime, what kind of crime was committed, and where (what county and state) the crime was committed
    • whether or not the applicant is on probation and, if so, the name, address and phone number of the probation officer(s)
    • a summary of what the applicant believes has changed in his/her life since the conviction and how a degree will help accomplish any personal goals
  2. If probation is ongoing, the applicant must supply a certified copy of the sentencing entry of court from each court where convicted.
  3. After receipt of the above documents, an interview with the Dean and Program Director of the applicant's desired program may be required. If so, the Dean and Program Director will confer with the VPGPSE for the final decision.

When an individual has been convicted of a violent crime, (i.e., sexual offense, assault & battery, murder, etc.) the above procedures will be followed, along with these additional procedures:

  1. The applicant will be scheduled for a mandatory interview with the Dean and Program Director of the desired program.
  2. If probation is ongoing, the applicant must be recommended in writing by the probation officer responsible for the applicant’s case.
  3. In consultation with the program leadership, the VPGPSE will meet with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and legal counsel to review all information and documentation.
  4. All information and documentation, including any recommendation by legal counsel, will be considered in the admission decision.