Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Registration and Confirmation - Traditional Program


Registration takes place when the student has met with his/her academic advisor and scheduled classes in the university database. The Registrar oversees this process.

Students who complete registration early in the process have a better opportunity to register for courses, given that courses are closed once student limit has been reached. Students are responsible for all courses listed in their registration. A fuller description of registration policies and procedures is available in the Registrar’s Office.

Returning student registration is conducted during announced registration periods.

Summer term registration is conducted during the spring as announced by the Registrar.

First-time freshman may register for the fall semester and January term at the New Student Orientation sessions during the summer. Freshmen unable to attend a session must contact the Registrar for information. Spring semester registration is conducted in the fall with the student’s academic advisor.

New transfer students who are accepted and who pay their deposit may register after June 1.

New students beginning in the spring semester who are admitted and who pay their deposit may register for courses any time during the fall semester.

Once classes begin, new students wishing to register for classes in the current semester need prior approval from the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Registrar. Credit may only be earned in courses for which the student is properly registered.


Confirmation denotes that the student has made proper payment arrangements with the Student Financial Services Office through the web portal and has been cleared to attend classes and move into residence halls (if applicable). Confirmation must occur prior to the beginning of each semester. The confirmation process may be completed online through the portal. Instructions for confirmation are listed under the Financial Information portion in this Catalog.